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Product Safety ClassSelect a potentiallydangerous product that you have easy access to and you are familiar with. My topic: Defective Power Pressure Cooker XL Prepare a written report (7 pages long, cover sheet, references and appendices not included) with citations and references in APA format. Be sure to use objective, specific, concise, and formal language. Prior to submission proof the text for clarity, typos, spelling and grammatical errors.The paper should be as follows:1.Describe the product in detail. Be sure to explain the product’s main functions(s) and features.2.Identify the safety issues with the product. Emphasize a user perspective in your analysis.3.You may want to use the 5W1H approach to structure your description of the issues related to the product (i.e., what, who, when, where, why and how).4.Describe the technical issues involved in the product safety.5.Identify the type of existing, or possible, legal actions related to the issues.6.Consider addressing the following questions:Is the product defective? What kind of defect?Would this product in its current configuration pass a risk-utility analysis?7.Develop recommendations to deal with the issues identified. Consider if your recommendations are technically and economically feasible.8.References (at least four references, APA format, cited in the body of the text).This is one useful article about this power pressure cooker XL https://www.hlmlawfirm.com/blog/six-plaintiffs-bring-product-liability-lawsuit-tristar-products-claiming-power-pressure-cooker-xl-defective/
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