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Running head: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTName of the student:Name of University:Author Note:
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT1Question 1.In the initial stages of the service it becomes quite difficult for the employees to cope up withthe expectation of the organization. They need time for understanding the leadership style andthe type on which the organization focuses in. Fresher or new graduates do not haveminimum idea about the operations of the company hence they feel frustrated with their job(Smith 2012). This is the reason why the new employees need to have professional trainingsor personal mentoring facilities. Being mentored by the senior employees is one of the mosteffective and valuable development opportunities that a new employee can have. Personalmentoring facilitates the employees to be guided, encouraged as well as confident with theirduties. Mentoring in the initial stages of a job helps the employees to keep themselvesmotivated and this build a mechanism of trust along loyalty which ultimately lead to devotionto the company. An experienced mentor helps the new graduates to provide a wide range ofboth personal as well as professional benefits by which the employees get the idea of theoperation of the organization (Smith and Worsfold 2015). This ultimately leads to theimproved and confident performance in the workplace. Through personal mentoring, theemployees get opportunities for getting the exposure to newer ideas along with ways ofthinking. They develop strengths by overcoming their weaknesses. In the initial stages thenew employees need to develop professional advancements for which they get assistancefrom their mentors. It provides scope for the increased visibility as well as recognition withinthe company. It may also assist the fresher to develop new skills required for successfuloperation in the organisation.
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