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Running head: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note:
1PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTThe term “career” refers to a metaphorical journey through the process of learning,work and other factors of cognition (Leong, 2014). Learning is an important aspect of careerdevelopment, and helps in regeneration and growth of our cognitive and intellectual abilities.An understanding of the theories of career development or professional development canallow the development of skills necessary for professional competence and foster careergrowth. I therefore shall elaborate on the importance of professional development in the fieldof Human Resources Management, reflecting upon the skills needed for the job, how thoseskills can increase competency, develop a personal development plan, identify how the skillscan be developed, and how those skills can attribute to future career prospect. The objectiveis to understand my strengths and weaknesses, improving necessary skills required for the joband allow self assessment.Working as an HR manager, different types of interpersonal and professional skillsare needed to ensure career growth (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).Organizational skillisone of the most important skills that allows an orderly approach and arrangement ofinformation (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). This helps in developing a personal efficiency. Nextis the skill ofmultitasking, which can allow dealing with multiple activities simultaneously,thereby, reducing the overall time of action (Gurvich and Van Mieghem, 2017).Dealing withgray or poorly outlined areas, where little precedents exist to refer to is a common aspect ofmanagement. It is therefore important to be able to act on the “best available” or incompletedata.Negotiation skillsare needed in such grey areas, where two or more opposing viewscan be analyzed, to find an acceptable middle ground.Communicationis a key skillallowing proper transmission of information through the organizational hierarchy. A goodHR manager should be able to communicate across different platforms and mediums in orderto ensure that the information is received and understood (Argenti, 2015). A manager alsoneeds to beconvincing, caring, sensible and trustworthyto be able to maintain proper
2PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTcommunication.Discretionis needed when dealing with sensitive information or situations,preventing escalations and attempting to resolve conflicts is important. A strongcode ofethicscan foster development of right skill sets, and prevent dishonest work and any form ofinequality among employees (Manroop, Singh and Ezzedeen, 2014). Adual focusis neededto maintain both the company policies while advocating for the concerns of the employees, sothat neither of these domains are neglected. Ability tomanage conflictsandsolvingproblemsare required to maintain optimum productivity while maintaining a civil andprofessional work environment (Moore, 2014). Also, being able tomanage changesin theorganization, helps to mitigate any feelings of anxiety over the change (Cameron and Green,2015). Ability to passexcellent judgmentis an added advantage, enabling manager to takethe right decision at the right time, especially in difficult situations.From the learning events, I was able to understand the importance of key skillsrequired for the role of HR Manager. Preparing the business pitch (Assignment 1) allowedme to demonstrate on a wide range of employability skills like negotiation, pitching forbusiness, leadership skills, team building and team working skills (Nahavandi, 2016). Firstly,preparing the assignment with a team, fostered the spirit of team work which in important toany work. Demonstrating an effective pitch also involved good command overcommunication and required confidence. Often, I had to negotiate between conflicting ideas,to choose an effective idea amongst them, thereby helping me in conflict resolution. Thelearning process commanded a substantial amount of enthusiasm and energy to work throughthe assignment. I was able to identify proper strategies and competition related to thebusiness, and thereby helping to generate a working model to generate revenues. An idea offunding helped me appreciate the resources needed to initiate and maintain the functioning ofa business.
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