Professional efficiency and provide business support to the company

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RAJAT GUPTA1/116 Harris StreetHarris ParkHarris Park 2150 NSWSydneyEmail -gupta.rajat194@gmail.comCareer Objectives:Professional efficiency and provide business support to thecompany. Identification of good business prospects and enhances the company capabilitiesby indulging external output to a company. Company association and bonding with thecore competency situation steadiness. The desired role play for the company and stand in acritical situation with potential ethics and conduction. Consolidating the strong point andimposed knowledge to avoid conflict management in the organization. Quality inAdministrative work and formal proximity of presentation will be managed in an ethicalway. Core business understanding and revenue generation strategy implementation in theorganization will be done in an easy way.Educational Experience:DegreeYearSchool/ CollegeSecondary Education2014Tagore Public SchoolBusiness ManagementDiploma2017Martin CollegeProfessional Experience:Have worked in customer Service as an Executive.