Professional and Employability Development Skills

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REFLECTING STATEMENTReflective statement is a statement that portrays readers thoughts on a specific topic. It showslearners learning experience that has been gained after conducting a research project thoroughly.This statement describes insight and analysis of the historical experience or events which has beenoccurred while carrying out an specific investigation by the researcher. Every research projectrenders a vast amount of knowledge for the researcher. Reflecting learning is about realizing what anindividual has gained from a particular project. This business plan has been a very constructive andintellectual journey for me. It has not been possible without the support of my mentor, friends andfamily. It has helped me in developing my certain skills. It is expected that it will contribute in mypersonal as well as professional development. Preparation of the following business plan has helpedme in gaining profound learning and knowledge which will remain forever in me. Learning experiencesPrepared business plan investigated the feasibility of new training and development agency,“Optimaservices” which will facilitates corporate clients to enhance their workers competencies andproductivity to achieve their targets. I experienced different feelings or experiences while preparingsuch business plan to start a new venture. Feelings develops different set of attributes in anindividual. In the present business plan, I experienced mixed feelings at each and every stage. In theinaugural step, I was very much confident and highly excited to prepare a business plan and gaindesired results through it. At the initial stage, I thought to start a new venture in the market. But still,I was very aware that it was very difficult task for me to initiate a new business in the presentcompetitive age. Therefore, in order to generate a better plan, I investigated the current industrialtrend and assess the importance of training and development services in the corporate sector. Itenable me to identify major trends and challenges of the industry and develop a excellent businessplan to start a new venture. Through the secondary investigation of the market, I gained knowledgeof the services which are rendering by the existing training and development agencies. I selected tostart “Optimaservice” because I analysed that in the present business sector, almost all of theorganizations regardless their sizes are organizing training sessions for their workers to bringssignificant improvements in the workers skills, talent and efficiency and thereby meet targets. While,carrying industrial analysis, I have identified several gaps pertaining to the industry which indicatedopportunities for starting-up a new venture. In this business plan, I studied large number of historical scholarly articles and analysed real2
market situations. With the assistance of this, I became able to identify the need of corporate clientsand prepared plan accordingly to meet their desires and needs effectively. It helped me to identifythe complexity of establishing a new venture in the present competitive business world. Moreover,in the study, I got very much surprised when founded real facts and figures about currently operatingtraining and development agencies in UK. In such analysis, I determined that staff training is ofhuge importance which is organizing by large number of corporations to improve their workerscompetencies and productivity. Further, through this, I examined the rising demand of the corporateclients for conducting specialised training programs to deliver proper support, guidance andknowledge to the employees regarding their work. By the study of various articles, I improved mycritical thinking skills to start a new training and development agency, “Optimaservice”. In-depthdiscussion, analysis and study of available information assist me to present my ideas as a businessplan. In the turbulent competitive environment, organisations caters to have profound competency intheir skills and talents that will endeavour to have high growth and development. It becomesimperative to adopt the strategy and methodology that will lead to towards the optimization ofresource use and earn high profitability. Further, frequent transitions in the customer choices andpreferences, economic fluctuation, problems arising due to diversification of workforce and variousemployees related issues seek the training and development services in the crucial manner. For thatpurpose, this business plan is prepared that aims to an integrated strategy for delivering effectivetraining. The plan with the structured and systematic approached focus on the resolving of differentaspects related to it such as learning and development, performance management and successionplanning.Barriers to learningAt the initial stage the selection of the topic was quite difficult activity for me. I wasstruggling to decide which way I should go. After having a healthy discussion with my mentor andfriends I decided to opt for business plan. The major challenge was to become innovative. For thatpurpose I was required to choose a business which has never been attempted to implement. GivingTraining and development services for corporate clients is not an easy thing to do. It is expected thatthis project will achieve its aim and objectives. I also faced several problems, particularly in thearea of market research. At this, I have assessed several positive and negative aspects in relation tomy work. Hence, by working on such aspects I become able to polish my skills which will help mein performing the future activities and functions more effectively and efficiently. At the initial level, I was hesitated to do such plan due to the problem in the collection of3

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