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Professional Engineer: |Competency Element|Career Episodiod

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|Career Episode 2: CE | |information sciences |II) The major portion of|2.3.2, CE | |information sciences |II) The major portion of|2.3.2, CE | |information sciences |II) I studied || the scope of|2.3.2, CE | |information sciences |II) I studied || the scope of|2.3.2, CE | |information sciences |II) I studied || the scope of|2.3.2, CE | |information sciences |II)
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Nidhi Satish Patil
Summary StatementCompetency Demonstration Report (CDR)
Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)
Professional Engineer: |Competency Element|Career Episodiod_1
Professional Engineer: Summary Statement
Competency Element A summary of how you have
applied the element
Paragraph number in the
career episode(s) where the
element is addressed
PE1.1 Comprehensive, theory
based understanding of the
underpinning natural and
physical sciences and the
engineering fundamentals
applicable to the engineering
I) I implemented the second
microcontroller for inputting
the anesthesia to the patient.
I) I proposed the use of a
LTH1550-01 is a photo
interrupter which forms the
photoplethysmographic sensor
for the hardware section.
III) I aimed at developing the
working model of the
hardware portion of the
Career Episode 1: CE 1.2.3,
CE 1.3.1, and CE 1.3.2
Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.1
and CE 2.3.3
Career Episode 3: CE 3.2.1,
CE 3.3.1, and CE 3.3.2
PE1.2 Conceptual
understanding of the
mathematics, numerical
analysis, statistics, and
I) I had programmed the
system in such a way that the
after entering the amount of
Career Episode 1: CE 1.3.1
Professional Engineer: |Competency Element|Career Episodiod_2
computer and information
sciences which underpin the
engineering discipline.
II) The major portion of the
project which was compiled
by me was the hardware
portion of the device.
III) I used Zigbee 802.15.4 for
the transmission of data.
Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.2,
CE 2.3.3, and CE 2.3.4
Career Episode 3: CE 3.3.1
PE1.3 In-depth understanding
of specialist bodies of
knowledge within the
engineering discipline.
I) I utilized the stepper motor
rotation speed for moving the
II) After the implementation
of the device I had taken up
the responsibility to test the
device for multiple users
III) I used the LM34 series
which is an integrated-circuit
temperature sensors
Career Episode 1: CE 1.3.1
Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.1,
CE 2.3.4, CE 2.2.5, and CE
Career Episode 3: CE 3.3.1,
CE 3.3.3
PE1.4 Discernment of
knowledge development and
research directions within the
I) I studied several projects
and researched demonstrating
the application of
microcontroller for developing
Career Episode 1: CE 1.2.5,
CE 1.3.1, and CE 1.4.2
Professional Engineer: |Competency Element|Career Episodiod_3

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