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Professional Engineering: Summary StatementCompetency ElementA brief summary of how you haveapplied the elementParagraphnumber in thecareer episode(s)where the elementis addressedPE 1 KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL BASEPE1.1 Comprehensive, theorybased understanding of theunderpinning natural and physicalsciences and the engineeringfundamentals applicable to theengineering discipline.I)The main objective of the project isto restore the stator winding of theGenerator 1of Chhukha HydropowerPlant (CHP).II) This project was based onassessment of shunt reactorrequirement forof ChhukhaHydropower Plant (CHP).III)I had towork for upgrading theprotection relays for 4X11 KVgenerators.Career Episode 1:CE 1.2, CE 2.3 andCE 2.4Career Episode 2:CE 2.1 and CE 2.3Career Episode 3:CE 3.1, CE 3.2 andCE 3.3PE1.2 Conceptual understanding ofthe mathematics, numericalanalysis, statistics, and computerand information sciences whichunderpin the engineering discipline.I) In order towok in the project, myresponsibility was to assign the projectactivities to the team members alongwith roles and responsibilities.II)I used my technical knowledge formitigating the technical issues thatarose during the project.III)I needed to report the projectmentor for further understanding andfacing the sub-deliverables of theproject in a systematic manner.Career Episode 1:CE 2.6Career Episode 2:CE 2.4, CE 2.5 andCE 2.6Career Episode 3:CE 3.3
PE1.3 In-depth understanding ofspecialist bodies of knowledgewithin the engineering disciplineI)Determine the number of stator barsthat would be required for thecomplete project operationII)Task allocation was performed witha project management principlefollowing the individual teampersonnel activities, the teamperformance was most important toachieve the deliverables one-by-one.III)We completed every tasksuccessfully and received praise fromthe managers of Chhukha HydropowerPlantCareer Episode 1:CE 2.6 and CE 2.7Career Episode 2:CE 2.3, CE 2.4, CE2.5 and CE 2.7Career Episode 3:CE 3.6 and CE3.7PE1.4 Discernment of knowledgedevelopment and researchdirections within the engineeringdisciplineI)The intended solution was to replacethe existing stators with the newstators that are in working conditionII)I came up with an idea toimplement Beamforming techniques inDAS.III)My work sequence helped me toovercome all the technical problems aswell as to complete all dutiessuccessfully.Career Episode 1:CE 2.9Career Episode 2:CE 2.6 and CE 2.7Career Episode 3:CE 3.4 and CE 3.5PE1.5 Knowledge of contextualfactors impacting the engineeringdiscipline.I)The team members helped indesigning the equipments and theproposed system.II)I designed the entire projectscheduling process in form oftimeline, to achieve the projectdeliverables within the time.III) I was able to useSystemApplication Product (SAPY) softwarefor project planning along with Ms-ProjectCareer Episode 1:CE 1.1, CE 2.2Career Episode 2:CE 2.5 and CE 2.6Career Episode 3:CE 3.7PE1.6 Understanding of the scope,principles, norms, accountabilitiesand bounds of contemporaryengineering practice in the specificdiscipline.I) The nature of the project was tobuild my analytical and technical skillsand apply it for the benefit of thecompany and myself.II) We chose to contemplate theCareer Episode 1:CE 2.3, CE 2.9Career Episode 2:
troubles and ailments confronted in theproject in troublesome and adversecircumstances.III) I was able to demonstrate mytechnical skills and abilitiesundertaken for the project“Upgradation of Protection Relays for4X11kV Generators”.CE 2.3 and CE 2.6Career Episode 3:CE 3.8, CE 3.9, CE3.10, CE 3.11, andCE3.12PE 2 ENGINEERING APPLICATION ABILITYPE2.1 Application of establishedengineering methods to complexengineering problem solvingI) Identifying the difficulties in mydesigning of systems, analysing theproblems of using low qualitymaterials, available equipments, etc.II) Prepared continuous improvementsby eliminating all errors.III) I successfully contributed in thisproject to study the “Upgradation ofProtection Relays for 4X11kVGenerators”.Career Episode 1:CE 1.1 and CE 2.5Career Episode 2:CE 2.2 and CE 2.6Career Episode 3:CE 1.11 and CE1.12PE2.2 Fluent application ofengineering techniques, tools andresources.I) Use of spare stators had helped indecreasing the cost and time for thestator restoration projectII) Knowledge about the several modeof in the projects.III) I had the technical knowledge ofHeterogeneous System to execute thisproject for “Upgradation of ProtectionRelays for 4X11kV Generators”Career Episode 1:CE 3.3 and CE 3.4Career Episode 2:CE 2.3 and CE 2.8Career Episode 3:CE 1.11 and CE1.13PE2.3 Application of systematicengineering synthesis and designprocesses.I) Placing the each components incorrect sequence.II) Barriers of using differentequipments.III) Firmly focus on identifying theentire problems of projects andCareer Episode 1:CE 2.5 and CE 2.9Career Episode 2:CE 2.3 and CE 2.4Career Episode 3:
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