Professional engineering management assignment

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Professional Engineering: Summary StatementCompetency ElementA brief summary of how youhave applied the elementParagraph number in thecareer episode(s) where theelement is addressedPE 1 KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL BASEPE1.1 Comprehensive,theory basedunderstanding of theunderpinning natural andphysical sciences and theengineering fundamentalsapplicable to theengineering discipline.1.Humans (workers) do receivethe clothes, sort them accordingto the three processes: Washing,dry cleaning, and curtaincleaning. After washing andironing the clothes, they foldthem and return them back totheir owners2.The concept related to themining is the main idea behindthe designing of the project.3. The organisation was targetedmainly in the working procedureof the production of concreteCareer Episode 1: CE 1.2.3,1.2.5, 1.4.2Career Episode 2: CE 2.2.3,2.2.5, 2.4.2Career Episode 3: CE 3.2.3,3.2.5, 3.4.2
and wood for the whole salecontractor dispatching.PE1.2 Conceptualunderstanding of themathematics, numericalanalysis, statistics, andcomputer and informationsciences which underpinthe engineering discipline.1.I had applied my skills andhelped my project team for thesimulation of the process flowusing DELMIA QEUST2. I have disused the conceptsand the regarding types relatedto the milling process.3. The process flow analysis andthe attending the weeklymeetings were a part of my jobprofile during my working timeon the projectCareer Episode 1: CE 1.3.2,1.3.4Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.2,2.3.4Career Episode 3: CE 3.3.2,3.3.4PE1.3 In-depthunderstanding of specialistbodies of knowledge withinthe engineering discipline1.For the implementation of theproject I was in charge of doingthe identification of processflow for the laundry industrysystem.2.I have taken the responsibilityof making this project basedupon the concept oftool wear inhigh speed milling for theCareer Episode 1: CE 1.2.3,1.2.5, 1.4.2The resource Career Episode 2:CE 2.2.3, 2.2.5, 2.4.2Career Episode 3: CE 3.2.3,3.2.5, 3.4.2
completion of my degree in theProduction Engineering.3.During my six months ofworking in the company I hadlearned a lot of things andunderstood the role of aproduction engineer.PE1.4 Discernment ofknowledge developmentand research directionswithin the engineeringdiscipline1.I had also conducted differenttest on the completed projectand then had compiled thefindings into a documentationfor submission in my university.2.I have also taken thefunctionality to execute thisproject and to define the futureapplications related to themilling technique.3.I was in charge of inspectionof materials, rocks, concrete andwood with project inspectiondepartment on a regular basis. Ihad conducted the process flowCareer Episode 1: CE 1.2.3,1.2.5, 1.4.2Career Episode 2: CE 2.2.3,2.2.5, 2.4.2Career Episode 3: CE 3.2.3,3.2.5, 3.4.2
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