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Professional Project on Employee Wages in Communication Media

Added on - 15 Apr 2020

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Professional Project1Employee Wages in Communication MediaField of research:The Human resource has recently been the key target of most managementcompanies. Various forms of communication in human resource department are necessary forsignificant determination of workplace structure including the amount of wages of the employees. Forsustaining employee satisfaction, motivation and morale, association between employee base andincome of employees play a crucial role in communication field. When there is no associationbetween employee income and workforce of employees in terms of job field, the organization mightobserve a decline in productivity and performance as employees could realize themselves asundervalued, under-waged and unappreciated.The topic focuses on major workforce executed by employees, distribution of income level ofBerkeley Company and accounting of personnel program. The accounting of employee wages takesinto account of work status, relocation and supervisory relationship.Secondary data:Publicly available survey data on employee satisfaction could be found in Question:The study tries to examine the association between human resources of theemployees and their wage amount in Berkeley.Variables:1. Job family of the job field (example- Broadcast communication, Digital communication, Generalcommunication, Media communication, Publication and Production)2. Job grade of the employees3. Minimum, Mid and Maximum amount of salary of the employeesSearch terms:employee performance, job field, job family, job performance, job grade, amount ofmonthly income.Merged articles and reference list:Many Studies show a positive relationship exists betweenemployee income and human resource management in terms of job grade (Galinsky, E. and Stein, P.J.,1990). Some study indicated that pay equity and product quality has insignificant association(Cowherd, D.M. and Levine, D.I., 1992). The positive correlation between industrial grade and employeeincome explains positive wage model in Berkeley industry.
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