Report on Academic And Professional Skills

Added on - 03 May 2020

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Running head: PROFESSIONAL SKILLSAcademic And Professional SkillsName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2PROFESSIONAL SKILLSFrom, Confirmation of bed room reservationDearMrs. Jane SmithHope you are doing fine and you had a great weekend. This mail is just to check theconfirmation of your booking with us. According to our policy, we need to check if the bookingis alright. The booking that you want with us is that of twenty rooms, every week from Mondayto Friday, within the duration of five weeks, in the month of October and November. This equalsto four rooms per week that is one. The dates as per your booking are mentioned belowMonday, 2nd October to Friday, 6thOctoberMonday 9thOctober to Friday, 13thOctoberMonday, 16thOctober to Friday, 20thOctoberMonday, 23rdOctober to Friday, 27thOctoberMonday, 30th October to Friday, 3rdNovemberPlease kindly check the dates and revert as soon as possible, because we need to in confirm thebooking to our superiors within the stipulated time.
3PROFESSIONAL SKILLSThis mail is also to inform you about all the policies of our hotel regarding the check in andcheckout timings. Please note that your clients can check in to our hotel at any time within 2pmduring the day time and within 9pm at night. If in case you are going to be late and will arriveafter 9pm, then please do inform us before hand so that we can arrange accordingly. Lastly, Iwould also like to add that we need to check the general information about all the clients that willbe arriving here, like their nationality and their passport details. These are just a formality thatwe need to do in order to maintain our records. So, please make sure that they are carrying all thenecessary documents with them at the time of their check in.Yours’ sincerely,Patrick Bateman,Customer Service team Supervisor,Customer Services,Glenmore Hotels.Task2An explanation of each stage in the procedure for writing an assignment.”There are various steps that one needs to follow while writing an essay.The first step is to get the task properly clarified. In other words the writer must first getto know each and every detail about the task. The task has to be analyzed properly and then thewriters must properly decide the approach that they will take while proceeding with the work.The next stage is that of collecting and recording the information (Cottrell 2013). In other words,
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