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Running head: PROFESSIONAL SKILLS FOR ICTProfessional Skills for ICTName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
1PROFESSIONAL SKILLS FOR ICTPortfolio 3Answer to question 1The individual is being appointed as the database administrator of the organization; heis also the student of the same organization. His income is not up to the standard and hemanages all his personal finances with much difficulty. He is a bright student in theorganization. He was given the duty to process and manage the data of the database of theorganization (Ford, 2017). There he found out that one of the students of the similar institutehas received the academic scholarship but he is more eligible and bright. The student’s parenthas some connection with one of the senior staff of the organization and taking advantage ofthat, the student gets the scholarship. The individual is dissatisfied and he is an ethicaldilemma. If he complains to the senior staff, he may lose the job as well as his academiccareer may suffer. According to ACS Code of Professional Conduct for honesty and theprofessionalism, he must have complained about the same with full proof to the managementteam of the organization. He should also leak the information publicly. A professional workershould work selflessly and should not work to fulfil his self-needs. He should have disclosedthe unethical practice of the organization (Takahashi & Aquino, 2017). That initiative willbenefit the organization for the long run. Also, the bright and good students will get thescholarship and the right justice in future. One should be honest every time, the individualmay lose the job, his academic career may suffer, though he should not compromise with hishonesty. For the great deed he will be praised by the society for sure, the ones who are closeto him and the ones who are honest in the organization will support him.Answer to question 2The honesty and the professionalism are the two important parameters of the ACSCode of Professional Conduct. The honesty signifies that one should stay truthful anddedicated to his own work and only in this way one can earn trust and respect from others

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