Report on Professional Skills for Systems Analysis

Added on - 09 Oct 2019

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Professional Skills for SystemsAnalysisCIS5200Assignment 1 Marking CriteriaStudentNameMir Ahmed SultanStudentID0061079945Criteria ElementMarksOrganisation Background:Clarity of theintroduction to the organisation selected forassignmentsin thiscourse in terms of name, the industry it operates within, products and services,clients, suppliers, major competitors and competing products/services, majorprocesses.Excellent meets all the requirements3-5Requires more work1-2Not attempted0Marker Comments:You need to start your report by a general introduction about the report and then discussthe background.4/5Work Breakdown Structure (WBS):Professional design of WBS, and present all the relevant details at high level tocomplete your assignment.Excellent meets all the requirements3-5Requires more work1-2Not attempted0Marker Comments:In this task, you are required to write about how you will approach for each task.4/5Task-Sequencing Approaches:Selection of the task-sequencing approach and the justification provided for thisselection. Demonstrate an understanding of the project activities; and able toidentify the priorities in the selected approach.Excellent meets all the requirements8-10Good work (minor issue)5-7Requires more work1-4Not attempted0Marker Comments:In this task, you need to discuss a little bit about the diagrams that you have providedwith proper nomenclature for figures/diagrams.7/10
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