Professional Year Case Study 1: ACS Code of Ethics


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Case studyProfessional Year

Professional Year
Case Study 1
ACS Code of Ethics
In the given case the prime ethical dilemma that John is facing is in terms of accomplishing
his work task. John running short of time has to make ethical choice in order to complete the
task complying with ACS code of ethics ( Berleur 2016). Key values which John should
refer to for acting ethically are:
As per the ACS code, the concerned members of ACS are expected to be honest in delivering
their services and skills. Complying with this norm, John is expected to create a solution out
of his own intellect without referring to any external assistance ( Bouwer 2019). He is
expected to be honest in his work, a breach to which shall lead to violation to ACS norms.
As per ACS, the members are expected to act with a spirit of competency and with due
diligence. In the case, John is expected to solve his task complications with due diligence and
projecting his competency. Referring to work of others leads to a breach of such norm of
ACS. Hence John is expected to stick to his expertise and deliver accordingly ( Burmeister
Under ACS norms, the members are required to upgrade their integrity and follow orders of
higher professionals maintaining respect for them. John has been commanded by the manager
to complete the task and deliver it the in the given time frame. In order to comply with such
norms, John is expected to follow the instructions and deliver the task given by the authority
(Crane, Matten and Glozer 2019).

Professional Year
ACS code of Professional Conduct: 5 clauses
The ACS draws certain ethical code of conducts which are as follows:
The supremacy of Public Interest
In the given case John is expected to perform in an ethical form to maintain the good name of
the company and its workers. Thus, he is expected to give importance to interest of their
company over his personal interest ( Green 2013).
Refined Quality of Life
The ACS expects the members to perform in a way that adds to their quality of life along
with growth of society (Schwartz 2017). For John, breaching professional norms and acting
in personal interest will certainly not fit in this norm of ACS ( Miller 2017). Thus, he must
act with transparency for delivering a right message for employees and maintain his values.
As explained under ACS code of Ethical Values, John needs to hold honesty in his work in
order to avoid a breach of code of professional conduct.
As referred under ACS code of Ethical Values, John needs to perform his task with full
competency and due diligence with referring to malicious sources
As referred under ACS code, John is expected to stick to professionalism and abide to the
orders of his manager in order to maintain professional conduct in the best way.

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