Progetto Midterm per Italiano 1- Fall 2016 20% of final grade.

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Progetto Midterm per Italiano 1- Fall 201620% of final gradeAlla ricerca di un/a coinquilino/a idealeYou just moved to Italy and are looking for an ideal roommate during yourstay there. You have to create a video in which you introduce yourself,present your interests and your subjects of study. You will also have tochoose your ideal roommate among the choices that you will be given.On gauchospace, there is a link to a similar interview (in Week 5 - MidtermInterview link) that I conducted with Giulia, a freshman from Italy. You willmake a similar video as part of your Midterm project. The video does notneed to be fancy even though you can be as creative and sophisticated asyou want!There are 3 main components to this project: an oral activity (10% of thegrade), and a listening and a written component (10% of the grade). Thelistening component cannot be graded but is essential to the success of thewritten one.Details of the project:1.ORAL COMPONENT (VIDEO): You will be assigned a partner with whomto work for the video. If you already have a partner preference, pleaselet me know. Once you have a partner assigned, you and your partnerwill work together in rehearsing before you record the interview. Thevideo presentation will have to be at least 2 minutes long. You areexpected to look natural in the video, as you are having an informalconversation with your partner. Once your interview is done, you willinterview your partner, asking the questions that s/he has provided youwith. Remember that the success of each interview depends on theanswers, BUT ALSO on the way the questions are asked. Hence, it isimportant that you rehearse beforehand for both your own and yourpartner’s interviews. When answering, do not read from a script. Onceyour video is ready, upload it on Box, youTube or any other site of yourchoice and send the link to me.If you do not have access to a Smartphone, tablet, or any other video-recording devices, which you can use for the recording, please contactthe Associated Students Media Center for borrowing one for yourproject: COMPONENT: After videos are uploaded, I will create, onGauchospace, groups of 5-6 students each. I will let you know whichgroup you have been assigned to in advance. I will then createdifferent forums for each group name and will provide, in each forum,
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