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Running head:PROGRAM AND PROGRAM MANAGEMENT1Portfolio Entry 2 – Rapid ReleaseStudent NameInstitution
PROGRAM AND PROGRAM MANAGEMENT2IntroductionIn this portfolio, we will discuss the software company TSU, which is based in Perth. Ithas 21 employees and currently making software for an Australian Company Oz Chips. Althoughthe company manages to deliver the projects, currently they are facing an issue of a long time.So, shorten their duration, the company is now focusing on implementing rapid release model,which will help in dividing their PLC into parts and this will shorten the duration of thecompetition of projects. In this report, we will discuss how rapid release will help TSU infastening their delivery of projects[ CITATION Män15 \l 1033 ].RAD which is also known as Rapid Application Development, describes a strategy forthe development of software that underlines repeater distribution and rapid model. In thismanner, the RAD model is a rapid decision of ordinary waterfall development model which isoften focused on sequential design practices and planning. For the first time in the book of JamesMartin in 1991, it was introduced with the same name, the Rapid release has turned out to be animportant strategy amongst the most famous and powerful advancement strategies, which goesunder the development strategy of agile.Advantages and Disadvantages of TSU’s approachTransferring software development schedule in a cycle of 90 days give the productenough advantages to both the software developers and consumer. For the buyers of software orclient like TSU have, this is the way for quicker access to new functionality and features andbetter programming quality. For software developers, this implies better project management,less risk and market agility[ CITATION Ant17 \l 1033 ].Rapid releases of significant versions are just for psychological impact and there is noimpact on the speed of delivery of new features. "This is both valid and false. In a case that
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