Programmable Logic Controller Assignment

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Programmable logic controller1PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERBy NameCourseInstructorInstitutionLocationDate
Programmable logic controller2Unitary plc.This is a type of programmable logic control which encompasses all the features of a basicsystem in a single enclosure such that they are connected to the device or the machine that isunder control. The features enclosed are[ CITATION Dir15 \l 1033 ]Input and output moduleCentral module containing the central processing unitAnd a power supply systemFacilitiesThe facilities includeThe unitary controllers are reduced in sizeThe unitary controllers contains all the components in a single circuitThe system enables for portability and access to the system in an easier mannerApplication – the unitary plc. Is usually applied in application which necessitated fewer inputsand outputs such as car park barrierModular plc.Modula controllers employ a wide variety of modules which are put together to form asystem. The basic modules which comprise the system include the central module covering theprocessing unit, the input and output module, and the power supply system. Besides, there is alsoan analog to digital converter module. These systems are designed such that they are directlyattached to the rear part of the panel in an arranged manner on a rack and then they get mountedinside a cabinet for security and protection[ CITATION Placeholder2 \l 1033 ].
Programmable logic controller3The facilities includeThe number of the output and input terminals allows for expansion of compatibility withany changes in the hardware systemIn case there is a defective part, then only the affected part is rectified thus enhancing thecostApplicationsThese controllers can be used in in situations that require many outputs and inputs since it allowsfor expansion of the input and output modules. Hence can be widely applied in manufacturingindustries to help control the processing lines[ CITATION Art14 \l 1033 ].Rack mounted plc.This kind of controllers operates using the same principle as the modular controller savefor the design of the modules which are on standard cards which are attached to standard rackwithin a cabinet .the facilities includeModular controllers provides room for expansion and they are easily expandedThe modular controllers comprises of very many inputs and outputsIn case there is a defective part, then only the affected part is rectified thus enhancing thecostApplicationThe rack-mounted controllers can be applied anywhere provided the application requires that theinput and output points are many .for instances in manufacturing industries to help control theprocessing lines
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