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Sustainable Development of IKEA : Report

Added on - 06 Jan 2020

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Running head: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT1Progress and Barriers of Sustainable DevelopmentName:Instructor:Date:
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT2Sustainable DevelopmentIntroductionThe concept of sustainable development is still theoretical for many organizations. It's practicalbeing is not yet implemented or is partially implemented.The capital base of an organization is quite critical that its protection sets the acceptability of thebusiness to be high. For the organizations to recognize this, they need to extend the notion ofprotecting its capital base to the natural and the human resources of the world. For the whole ideato be regarded as sustainable business development, there is need value the development of thesurrounding resources too (Robinson & Dale, 1996).The systems of an organization ought to be planned and measured systematically if the enterpriseis to achieve its potential. There is need to integrate all these items. For a good integration to takeplace, there is a need for the knowledge about the business leaders (Robinson & Dale, 1996). Allthe activities and strategies that are adopted by the organization for it to attain its goals is what isregarded as its development (Lopez, 2008). The resources that will be needed by the giveorganization to reach its targets will be needed in future.Therefore, for the sustained development, there must be a spirit of originality upon theenterprise’ resources as defined by the environmental and developmental commission. Theenterprise’ development economically must meet the needs of the business itself and thestakeholders where stakeholders include the lenders, employees, suppliers, stakeholders and thecommunities whose organizational activities affect(Robinson & Dale, 1996)
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT3Also, sustainable development for an organization highlights the dependence of the organizationon human resources as well as the natural resources. The financial capital and the physical onesare considerably evaluated in this case.This analysis is an intention to help the IKEA business organization to make an application ofsustainable concepts in its organization as it strives to be successful in its endeavors. It furtherclarifies the need of all the parties’ support to the organization in ensuring its sustainability of itsdevelopments. Moreover, the organization is likely to face a lot of barriers as it proceeds in thisdirection(Robinson & Dale, 1996)Implications of sustainable development for IKEA’s businessThe economic growth and the environmental challenges are considerable important whenevaluating IKEA’s sustainable development. The strict environmental regulations within thebusiness’ environment effects inhibit the growth of IKEA organization. The outcome of this itemmay become a trade-off between a healthy environment and on the other hand, healthy growth.This issue adds up to what IKEA business organization finds it difficult to progress.For IKEA to be sustainable for both the environment and the socially, it needs to stick to certainforms of developments that are seen to be supportive. The result of sticking to such forms is anassurance of environmental improvement and considerable absence of trade-offs. Sustainabledevelopment that is being strived for by the business is all about the absence of trade-offs andenvironmental improvement. It must be the one to drag down the environmental value.Protection of the environment, the well-being of the social being and the economic developmentare the elements that IKEA should find positive approaches to meet. Sustainable developmentcan be regarded as a business within a business itself that creates opportunities suppliers for new
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT4consumers, the environmental developers whose aims are to develop safe, good materials andprocesses for the environment and firms whose investment are eco-efficiency based. For IKEAorganization to competitively successful, it needs to adopt to these principles.Roles of IKEA in contributing to sustainable development.Whenever there is an increment of information, the evolving priorities of the society and theother such factors, the sustainable development is seen to change to accommodate such changes.Sustainable development can, therefore, be taken as a concept that is dynamic and flexible. It issimple and universal.The role of IKEA in ensuring sustainable development is immense. Its role in making adifference in this sector varies compared to other organizations due to the difference in sizes andthe sector. Their abilities in enhancing this development normally depend on their nature. IKEAorganization is, however, able among organizations in front line striving for the enhancement ofsustainable environment basing on its size and nature. (Lopez, 2008)Despite the fact that IKEA has another consideration of making a profit, it is among the otherorganizations who make recognition of social roles as a significant element. The leadership ofIKEA organization takes the interest of being good to the society by ensuring that it makes manycontributions to the sustainable development.Moreover, there are areas of sustainable development whose technological being has ambiguity.Such areas are among the barriers for planning a course of action that is effective. Based on thischallenge, IKEA organization is coming up with measures that would be able to accommodatethem. The widespread support for sustainable development is among the supportive bodieswhich come with the principles that are sustainably supportive (Lopez, 2008). Another positive
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