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Project and Portfolio Management

Write an analysis of how an organisation can proactively manage the creation of value from programmes and portfolios (500 words).

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Added on  2022-11-18

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This document discusses the social constructionist role of programmes, horizontal and vertical integration with project and portfolio management, benefits management, and how an organization can create value with the help of programs and portfolios.

Project and Portfolio Management

Write an analysis of how an organisation can proactively manage the creation of value from programmes and portfolios (500 words).

   Added on 2022-11-18

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Project and Portfolio Management
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Project and Portfolio Management_1
Part 1
Social constructionist role of programmes
The projects can be stated to be the crystallization of the intent which allows the
applying of the structural techniques that can help in realizing the tangible deliverable. There
are various kinds of activities like the processes of engagement along with the
communication can be made improvised along with adaptive (Breese 2012). The permeability
of the boundaries of the program can help in enabling the process of reciprocal influence with
the help of information exchange. The transformational organizational change can help in
entailing the new behaviours that can help in embracing the emotions that are evoked by the
Horizontal Integration with Project Management
The programs are subjected to the contextual change and they are inclusive of the
deliberate strategies. In the emergent strategies, the focus lies on the expected benefits along
with process that helps in displaying the consistent pattern of the action over the passage of
time. It needs the learning approach within which the results are appraised in the regular
manner against the benefits at the time of implementation. There should be a decision
management process within which the anticipated results can be said to be linked to
justification for decision (Pellegrinelli 2011). It has been found that there exists lack of the
communication in between strategic and that of tactical level of the management.
Vertical Integration with Portfolio Management
Portfolio management refers to the management approach that helps in aligning the
project efforts with that of corporate strategy. It can help in optimizing efficient use of the
resources within an organization (Peppard, Ward and Daniel 2007). The lack of the inter-
relationships acts as the main problem in relation to the portfolio decision-making. The
Project and Portfolio Management_2
project management is dependent on the computer tools that helps in the collection of the
financial along with the quantitative performance. It can help in satisfying the corporate
needs and it helps the resources in being used in a wise manner within the framework of an
organization. The organizations should focus on the facilitation of optimal utilization of the
productive resources. The organization should focus on the facilitation of optimal utilization
of that of existing productive resources along with the sharing of the residual wealth.
Benefits Management
The benefits management can help in promoting a different kind of mindset that can
help in managing the value on that of the active basis. Benefits Realization Management can
help in fitting into the project and it should be undertaken over the entire course of the life
cycle. It can help in proposing various kinds of documents that can help in suggesting how
the relationships in between the main stakeholders can be easily managed. Benefits
Realization Management have various characteristics of functionalist that is dominant in the
community of the project management (Thiry and Deguire 2007). It can help the organization
in focussing on the benefits that can be said to be fundamental to the management theory. It
can help in closing gap in between the strategic management and that of project management.
Part 2
An organization can create the value with the help of the programs along with the
portfolios. It can help in the arena of better decision-making that can help an organization in
predicting the future factors like that of resource utilization. I think that the creation of the
portfolios can lessen the risks that can help in bringing profits for a firm. It can help an
organization in decreasing the element of overspending that can help in taking care of the fact
that the projects are executed in the accurate manner. I think that it can help in increasing the
success of the project delivery and it can reduce the rate of failure of a project.
Project and Portfolio Management_3

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