Assignment on Yeo Keng Lian Company

Added on - 22 Feb 2021

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Project BriefIn this project proposal, we should have a greater understanding of Yeo’s as a business entitythrough its direction to their business strategy. We might also explore on the factors thatcontributed on its performance and achievement as a business enterprise. Through this, weshould have a clearer picture on the development and operation of the company in its first jointproject including Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia.Company DescriptionYeo Keng Lian, the original founder who set up a shop in 1901 and named Hiap Seng whichwas later changed to Yeo Hiap Seng it is also known as Yeo’s, a recognized food andbeverage supplier and manufacturer in Singapore, with the products that were sold acrossmore than 55 countries worldwide. The company has also diversified its goals and objectivesin the development of property as well as in the building of condominiums and landedproperties. In the 1990s, the ownership of Yeo’s was transferred to the Far East Organization(Ng Teng Fong). The company also has a global network that includes the Asia-Pacific,Europe, North America as well as Oceanic regions.Product / Service FactorsWith its increasing popularity, Yeo’s has begun to expand to include more diversified food andbeverage products under the Yeo’s brand. Starting with the traditional soybean milk, apreferred choice among the locals, has been very well received and has since expanded itscatalogues to produces many other Asian beverages. In the later years, the company alsochose to expand its food choices, which includes chili sauce, culinary sauce, and sesame oilto instant noodles.Market rivalry is not only solid, it is also growing more intense from year to year. Theseadvancements explain the recent talk of ‘marketing battle’ and ‘competitive intelligencesystem’. That is because the market has become so competitive that customer awareness isno longer sufficient. Companies should start to pay close attention to their adversaries. It wouldseem like a straightforward job for a company to identify its rivals. However, the scope of thecompany’s existing and potential competitors is much wider. A company is more likely to beburied’ by its latent competitors than by its existing competitors.Environmental FactorsThe SWOT analysisStrength- For decade, Yeo’s has become a well-known and trusted brand in the food andbeverage industry. They have a large team of employees working on their service andproducts for consumers, transforming customers demands by providing more distinct flavoursand variations of their production lines. Efforts have been made to promote and advertise theirproducts and services in both international and regional, such as advertisements and events.
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