Project on Development of Advanced Computerized Software

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Project Scope StatementProject NameDevelopment of cloud based software foraccounting professionalsProjectNumber1Project ManagerRashaad TabornPrioritizationHighOwner(s)StakeholdersStatement ofWork—ProjectDescriptionandProjectProductThe project deals with the development and implementation of cloud basedsoftware system for managing the Abacus Data System’s data. The projectwould allow easy management of data in computerized management of datawith the application proposed for reducing the technical errors. The projectdeals with the development of advanced computerized software for the AbacusData System.The proposed cloud based accounting system will be developed based inVeeam Software for providing technical support and backup services.Furthermore the system architecture will be developed using Intel.ProjectDeliverablesThe significant deliverable for the undertaken project is to complete theundertaken accounting system development project within the allocatedbudget and time by Abacus Data System. For achieving the deliverables,appropriate software and hardware platform needs to be developed. Inaddition to that, other appropriate deliverables identified for the projectincludes project initiations, project planning, project development, projecttesting, project execution and project closure phase.ProjectObjectivesThe project for accounting software system implementation needs to bedeveloped within the allocated budget of $75,000.00;The proposed system design and implementation for the computerizedaccounting system within the allocated time period of nine months;The developed accounting system for the company would be able tosignificantly reduce the errors in the manual computation of the accountinginformation;ProjectAssumptionsThe following are the detailed assumptions considered for completing theaccounting system implementation:For the system, development center and office has been considered forsystem implementation;The project also includes the development of communication and
network infrastructure;The functional and operational background of the company has beenanalyzed;Proper development ambiance and software platform needs to be usedin this project;All the business strategies are considered for the development of theanointing software;ProjectConstraintsThe following the significant constraints that has been followed for completingthe integration of the accountancy software system:The project needs to be completed within the 9 months of time period;The development of the system needs to be completed within theallocated financial budget of $75,000.00;The scope of the project for implementing the accounting softwaredevelopment;ExclusionsVarious factors and criteria in this project have been eliminated for completion.Several exclusion identified for the development of the accounting softwareincludes:The project does not includes hiring of new employees or project teammembers for implementation of the technical parts;The development of company specification during the implementation ofthe accounting software;Training of the employees of Abacus Data System for the use proposedcloud based accounting system was not included within the project;AcceptanceCriteriaFor the success of undertaken project, various criteria or factors need to beachieved as follows:The developed cloud based accounting system should be commerciallysuccess;The project should be completed within allocated budget and timeschedule;The clients are satisfied with the developed system and performance;Appropriate communication tools and safety procedure needs to befollowed during the project development;TechnicalRequirementsThe technical requirement for the development of the computerizedaccounting system includes the following:The system would be able to eliminate technical failures and manual errorsoccurred in the system;The system will be implemented using cloud computing technology;
The system will be able to improve the security concern for the datastored;The software design architecture will be developed using Intel;APPROVALSType NameSignatureDateProject Manager Approval:Customer/Sponsor Approval:
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