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Stick it to Cancer Carnival Fundraiser Project Charter

Added on -2019-09-22

This project charter outlines the Stick it to Cancer Carnival Fundraiser, a community event to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. The charter includes project objectives, milestones, budget, user acceptance criteria, and key stakeholders.
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Project CharterProject NameStick it to cancer carnival!Project NumberProject TeamAlexandra Bickett, James Packer, Mandy Niijar, Terri JohnstonPrioritizationOwner(s)American Childhood Cancer Organization Start Date:8/28/16Scheduled Completion Date:10/16/16Mission/ PurposeThe mission is to hold an event that sponsors the American ChildhoodCancer Organization; the purpose of this fundraiser is to raise money to support young people battling cancer. Our event can help bring together those battling cancer and those who want to become more educated. The main purpose is to inform the community about the opportunities to volunteer and to gain support and donations for research and development. ProjectDescription and Project ProductThis project will create an outlet for the community to become more informed about childhood cancer, as well as a it creates a support system for those families and children affected by these diseases. It will also help raise awareness to help find a cure for these children. The five deliverables for this project are: 1.To Acquire the permission/rights for land use; a spot to hold the carnival that will be large enough to safely hold the maximum capacity number of people we expect to attend. 2.Organizing talent and attractions; obtaining commitments from individuals who can/will donate time and resources to setting up the individual games and rides the customers will be able topartake in. along with Concessions; Organizing and acquiring food and beverage for carnival attendees to consume during the carnival as well as for the volunteer workers.3.Organizing and obtaining emergency services volunteers and approvals; the need for police, fire and emergency personnel will be necessary volunteers that will be required to be on site.4.Financial Transactions: Establishing a pre-determined donation goal for the charity. Organizing and keeping an up-to-date status of funds acquired are not only necessary but can assist in generating excitement for carnival attendees in reaching the goal.
Project Charter5.Complete fundraiser, total donations, send thank you letters.ObjectivesThe objective of this fundraiser is to raise community awareness and build support, and generate donations for Childhood Cancer. This fundraiser will use the assistance of sponsors, volunteers,and members of the American Childhood Cancer Organization to help educate the community, to create donations The fundraiser will stay within the budget of $20,000 and will hope to generate $10,000 in donations to cancer research. The project will be completed by October 23rd 2016 the fundraiser will take place on October 16th 2016. The fundraiser will create a fun environment for children and adults to play games, going on rides and eat for all while supporting and raising awareness for childhood cancer.Milestones Book venue, acquire permits and permission for the land use by 9/11/16Organizing talent, food vendors and attractions; obtain commitments from individuals who can/will donate time and resources by 9/18/16Begin marketing efforts such as flyers, social media, and acquire sponsors for the event 9/25/16Begin selling ticket 10/2/16Begin event setup 10/9/16Complete even on 10/16/16Send out thank you letters 10/23/16BudgetEstimated cost of venue $5,000Estimated marketing advertisement costs$1000Estimated police, emergency staff, grounds keepers costs $2,000Estimated Equipment and Facilities cost$10,000Estimated electrical usage $2000Total Estimated Cost$20,000

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