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Project CharterInstructions:The embedded instructions are in orange font and italics. Change your completed information to “normal” font.Insert your project logo.Complete each section.Expand each section as needed by inserting more rows.Not all sections may be applicable for your project, especially smaller projects.You may need to include additional sections for your individual project.Delete the orange instructions as you complete each section.Project Information:ProjectAlkwarmCustomerCoffee shop loversAuthorMeshal AlquraishiDate10/17/16Project ManagerMeshal AlquraishiStart Date07/10/16Project SponsorMeshal AlquraishiTarget End Date12/17/16Revision:RevisionOneRevision Date10/17/16AuthorMeshal AlquraishiSummary of ChangesN/AProject Purpose or Justification:Alkwarm was established to empower local coffee shops. Large coffee shop chains have taken away the traditional local coffee shop experience. Local coffee shops have been suffering huge financial losses competing against these large coffee shop chains. These chainsare very equipped with highly skilled business people and enjoy the advantage of mass producing coffee products. Their coffee has been very consistent worldwide but has taken away the local coffee roasting and brewing experience replacing it with industrialized coffee.Project Description/Deliverables:Launching the App tmpee6a9kt3Alkwarm-Charterdocx-4036.docxSeptember 16, 2019Page 1 of 4
Marketing CampaignHuman resources teamAssumptions:Customers love authentic coffeePeople support local businessPeople love savingsTechnology adaptability Constraints:Limited resources Unexperienced teamHigh-Level Requirements:Bug free softwareServer sustainabilityApp functionalityHigh-Level Risks:Developers commitments CostTimeHigh-Level Schedule:Summary MilestonesDue DateApp Development10/01/16Marketing08/19/16Entity Organization 10/26/16Office1/28/17tmpee6a9kt3Alkwarm-Charterdocx-4036.docxSeptember 16, 2019Page 2 of 4

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