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Running head: PROJECT MANAGEMENTProject managementName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
PROJECT MANAGEMENT1IntroductionPurposeThe purpose of the communication plan is provide the stakeholders with relevantinformation. The communication plan will describe the information that will have to becommunicated to the stakeholders and the different tools and techniques used to fulfil thecommunication plan (Tomanek and Juricek 2015). The communication plan will also definethe authority of the individual regarding sharing of information. The communication plan willhave to documented and sent to different stakeholders so that they aware of theirresponsibilities.ObjectiveThe objectives of developing a communication plan are as follows:Discuss about the system requirementsEvaluate the progress of the projectDiscuss about scope creep and additional requirementsContingency plan for mitigating the risk factorsScopeThe scope will discuss the deliverables of the communication plan along with the keyactivities for the success of the project (Nicholas and Steyn 2017). The scope of the currentcommunication plan are as follows:Stakeholder analysisBudgetPotential risk factors and issues
PROJECT MANAGEMENT2Communications ProcedureThe communication procedure will consist of different methods that should be used inorder to develop an effective communication plan. The communication plan will includeinteractive communication and control of communication as the two methods ofcommunication process (Basu 2017). The communication plan will have to be monitored bythe project manager and variation in the plan will result in prior notice all the keystakeholders in the project.Tools and TechniquesThe different techniques that can be used for managing the communication betweenthe stakeholders are communication requirement analysis and communication model (de Jong2017). The tools required in this project are project board, email, chat tool and meetings.RecordsThe project manager will keep record of all the meetings, be it one on one or groupmeeting. The conference meetings are recorded using the cameras and stored on hard driveswhich can be accessed by specific personnel.ReportingThe communication process will consist of producing status reports, key performanceindicators and the scope creep report which will be discussed to make the project a success(Karaman and Kurt 2015). Therefore, these report will facilitate in dealing with thecontingencies in the report.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT3Timing of Communication ActivitiesMeetingParticipantDateProject initiation meetingPractice Owner,Practice Manager,Supplier,Project Manager,Team Manager,Project Support ,Project Assurance andChange AuthorityMay 2018Meeting after System designPractice Owner,Practice Manager,Supplier,Project Manager,Team Manager,Project Support ,Project Assurance andChange AuthorityAugust 2018System implementation phasePractice Owner,Practice Manager,Supplier,Project Manager,Team Manager,Project Support ,Project Assurance andChange AuthorityDecember 2018System monitoringPractice Owner,Practice Manager,Supplier,Project Manager,Team Manager,Project Support ,Project Assurance andChange AuthorityJanuary 2019(Table 1:Oakes 2016)
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