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Project Description:Design, develop and document the process of creating clear and effective visual representations fora topic of your choice. You should create an interactive data visualization and/or a number of staticdata visualizations. The visualizations must be based on real data that you can acquire through athird-party publicly available data source.Project Tasks:Select a publicly available data set (that have not been used in the HDSDA course previously)Prepare/preprocess data appropriatelyDesign and create an interactive data visualization and/or static data visualizationsi) Use multiple visualizations techniques based on the objectives set for your projectii) Compare and contrast the different techniques appliedPresent the work carried out via a report and/or on-lineProcess:Acquire and understand the dataset: i) Identify a dataset(s)Acquire access to dataset (Downloador Cloud access)Inspect the data – Identify features of interestDetermine key objectives o What do you wish to show with this project?Identify key results in datasetPreprocess the data: i) Data cleansing ii) Structure data to suit the representation methodCreate visual representations:i) Identify and implement several techniquesii) Multiple variables (>2) to be identifiedProject Deliverables:You are required to:1. Create interactive data visualization and/or a number of static data visualizations of a chosendataset.2. Write a report which includes and documents all the visual representations you created for thisproject. The report should include the following:Short background on data source selected, including basic domain information(10%)
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