Project Development Of Atari Best Electronics

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1PROJECT DEVELOPMENTStudent’s nameSubjectDate
2With the high level of advancement in technology use and the extensive use of theinternet by a large number of people in carrying out different roles and activities,organizations have embraced the extensive use of the internet in helping customers access theservices that they offer. A number of organizations utilize the internet to carry out manyactivities. The main ones include giving their customers and other stakeholders theopportunity to understand more about the organization and even convince them to makepurchases of the services and products that it offers. Other ways that organizations use theirwebsite platforms is to obtain feedback on the services they offer customers and to makesales of their products and services. With this regard, customers are more likely to be moreattracted and willing to use an organizational website platform when it is more attractive tothem (Page, R. 2012). This paper assesses the design and form of the website and then provides important improvement recommendations that can help inimproving this website.Part 1Justification for the importance of the projectThe project of assessing the Atari Best Electronics web page has the main aim is toestablish positive changes that will help in improving the site, make it more attractive andhelp the visitors to be willing to view and easily understand what the website presents (Atari,2017). Although an argument can be raised that the contents of the site are easily visible andany individual with the will to read and understand its content can easily read and understandit, it is definite that almost all websites have some room for improvement, an aspect thatexplains why certain website platforms have a large number of visitors while others have asignificantly low number. From a simple look into the Atari Best Electronics website, anindividual can notice a large number of mistakes made in the design and development of thewebsite, an aspect that has made it not to look as attractive as it can with a few changes. It is
3also difficult for an individual to navigate through the website and identify an importantcontent that is required (Burnett, W. & Evans, D. 2016).Cost benefit analysisIn order to carry out the analysis and assessment of the website and present the possiblerecommendation on how to improve this website, the organization is required to pay a cost of650 dollars in a day. This cost might seem high, but the benefits that will be obtainedsurpasses the cost by a large margin. To begin with, the organization will obtain an idealdesign that should be utilized to create its website. Knowledge and information will also beprovided on how to ensure that the website remains capable of maintaining effectiveness andattractive to all the visitors. The other aspect that will be addressed in the process is providingan effective means for which the website can regularly be updated depending on the changesthat occur regarding the contents that it offers. In case the organization decides to offer a newproduct, for example, knowledge on how that knowledge will be added to the websitewithout having to affect other aspects of the website like its attractiveness will also beprovided (White, J. 2013).Part 2Critical analysis and evaluation of site.As explained earlier, the website of Atari Best Electronics is an important platform thatthe organization utilizes in many activities including providing to its customer's informationon how it operates and the means through which its operations are appropriate and beneficialto them. With this understanding, it is significantly important to the organization for manypeople to visiting and read the information provided on the website. One important aspect toconsider and understand, however, is the fact that people connect to the internet with a largenumber of places to visit. With this regard, therefore, they only visit the platforms that arehighly attractive to them. Without establishing a highly attractive and easy to navigate
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