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Facilitate and Enhance Childrens Development

Added on - 09 Sep 2020

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Project : Facilitate and enhance children's development- Establishing an appropriate environment according to standardsAs an educator I will make sure that appropriately sized equipment are available in the room(making activities accessible for all children) . From my personal experience I observe thatno furniture should have sharp edges, or it should be properly installed to avoid any injury bytoppling. in case environment is not safe to be used by children I would discuss with centremanagement about it and hopefully things will be according to National and state Qualitystandards and more importantly safe for children .- providing creative and challenging opportunities to stimulate learningI would be ensuring that a range of activity types have been set up: -1.Group activities: To develop social skills , sharing and also learn etiquette whileplaying with others2.Individual activities and milestone based follow up. Recorded planned activities andfollow ups in individual observations3.Hands on: Sensory activity, Skill based ( gross motor , fine motor , speaking, listening, Literacy and scientific experiences)4.Messy (Slimy, sand and water, mud play)5.quiet activities6.Free playActivity types should be age appropriate and based on child development milestone.Reference can be taken from NQS for age-based capability for children.- encouraging involvement/participation in experiencesI would be supporting children throughout the activities (asking appropriate questions, whichencourages the child to think more),I would myself be participating in the activity (to create conversation about activity, visuallyassist the children in seeing what the steps are in that activity)I would be performing observation and also documenting it for child’s portfolio and basedon the outcome I would tune the activities for follow up or next action to consider individualneeds of children and focus on individual skill sets.
Definitely I would be observing individual children: Using information gathered fromindividuals and by monitoring them. I would do this to plan experiences based on children'sinterest and needsPeriodically formally and informally I will be encouraging feedback from families toimplement their ideas into the curriculum plan.Child-centred discussions and interviewsThis method is particularly useful with older pre-schoolers and school-aged children who are able tocontribute a great deal to our understanding of their interests and abilities. Carers may ask childrenabout their art choices or why they are interested in particular books or tasks. Children may alsointerview each other and carers in the same way.These methods of documenting children’s work and developmental abilities offer many advantages.We can record samples of children’s work for interpretation later. These methods are also useful forsharing a child’s learning with family members.Take photographs to show parentsChildren’s work samplesChildren’s work and efforts can include artwork, writing samples, photographs of constructions orcurriculum interest areas. Children may be involved in project work where we can documentprogressive changes, modifications and efforts using any of the above methods. Organising photosor work samples—of the same content—in chronological order can provide concrete evidence ofemerging and improving abilities over time.Collect children’s drawings and discover, over time, their emerging skills
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