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Running head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT1Project ManagementNameInstitutional Affiliation

PROJECT MANAGEMENT2Executive summaryThe project proposal is the construction of a house for the Stockman brothers. We are working on a budget of 170000 dollars. The house should be a family residence, three bedroomed house with a garage. The project should take one month from the 8th to the 30th of AugustBuilding a houseProject objectiveThe objective is to construct a well-furnished, high quality customized house at a cost which is not to exceed 170,000 thousand dollars. DeliverablesA 26000- square foot, 3-bathroomed, fully furnished home with a modernized state of theart designA detached garage located five feet from the real line and meets zoning provisions-Footings measuring 44 inches-16 inches footing width-8 inches footing thickness-Sheet rocked and insulatedKitchen appliances which will include a refrigerator, a microwave, an oven and a rangeA gas furnace that is highly efficient and containing a programmable thermostatMilestones1.To get the construction permits approved on the 7th of August.2.Pour the foundation on the 18th of August

PROJECT MANAGEMENT33.Conduct the inspection on the framing, electrical connections, sheathing and other mechanical inspections on 23rd August4.The final inspection to be conducted on 28th of AugustTechnical requirementsThe floor must be wood framedThe house must adhere to the zoning provisions and local building codesThe windows and doors have to pass the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (Nat HERS)The insulation across the exterior walls should meet an A factor of 22 for the wood frame walls.The insula must meet an R-22 thermal performance.The ceiling insulation should meet an R-factor of 38The attic hatch must meet an R factor of 38The floor insulation should meet an R-factor of 49 The garage will have a 20 feet wide (5.4 meters) single door to accommodate two large vehicles, heater and mechanical equipment-8 foot (2.4 meters) heightThe complete house must be earthquake resistant by meeting the seismic building codes Exclusions and limitationsThe house will meet all the conditions and specifications provided by the client to the letter.A dishwasher is not included among the house appliances

PROJECT MANAGEMENT4Prewiring will be done but the actual air conditioning will not be inclusive in the constructionOnly the contractor will have the discretion to outsource construction servicesThe contractor will therefore be vicariously liable for the actions of the subcontractorsThe construction work will be conducted form Monday to Thursday. The working hours will be from 8.00 to 5.00PM. On Friday the working hours will be from 8.00AM to 4.00PM.The casual laborers will be paid seven dollars per hour at the end of the working hours.Customer reviewJames and Peter Stockman.Work Breakdown structureA breakdown structure is the first step in the project planning and is used in managing the projectscope.The construction of the new house will begin with the foundation, then the floor, the walls from the floor.

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