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Career Episode 2:Assessment of Shunt Reactor Requirement at Chhukha Bus forvoltage and Reactive Power Controla.IntroductionCE 2.1:I would provide a brief explanation about my involvement for the assessment of theshunt reactor in this episode. The shunt reactor requirement was at substation bus of220Kv value. I had been working as an electrical engineer at Chhukha HydropowerPlant of the generator maintenance unit under the maintenance division. The ChhukhaHydropower Plant had been under the governance of the Druk Green PowerCorporation Ltd (DGPC) and it is located at a distance of about 90 km car travellingdistance from the city of Thimphu. The office of Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd(DGPC) is situated in the capital city of Bhutan, Thimpu.b.BackgroundCE 2.2:The Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd (DGPC) is the sole electricity productionorganization that operates and maintains its 4 large scale hydropower plants withinBhutan. Out of the 4 hydropower plants of Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd(DGPC), the Chhukha Hydropower Plant holds the place for the oldest power plant ofDGPC as it was the first hydropower plant of the organization which was built in1983. The use of the four power generators has helped the Chhukha HydropowerPlant for achieving a total capacity of 336 MW (three hundred and thirty sixmegawatt). The power generated in the Chhukha Hydropower Plant would betransferred in India through the 4 power lines of 220 KV (two hundred and twentykilo volts) and 66 KV (sixty six kilo volts) that would help in meeting the needs ofdomestic consumption.
CE 2.3:The maintenance division of Chhukha Hydropower Plant had been assigned with theresponsibility of carrying out the requirement analysis for installation of the shuntreactor installation at the 220kv bus of the power plant so that the plant can beimproved a bit. The power plant had been experiencing massive winding failure at thegenerator-1 that has been caused due to the extreme grid disturbances occurred inSeptember 2011. The issue of massive winding failure happened during the peakmonths when the Chhukha Hydropower Plant had been operating at full throttle. TheExecutive Engineer for the Maintenance Division of Chhukha Hydropower Plant hadinstructed me to restore the stator. I was assigned the task to restoration of the statorof the generator-1 of Chhukha Hydropower Plant within the period of 3 weeks ofduration. I had been assured by the Executive Engineer to be assisted completely fromother non-technical and technical staffs present in Chhukha Hydropower Plant. I hadto play the role of project manager by managing and leading the restoration team forrestoring the stator. The following diagram would show the contemporaryorganogram depicting my position in the green block below,
Figure 1: Shows organization structure of CHPc.Personnel Engineering ActivityCE 2.4:I had researched about the reactive power and its impact on the voltage power dropin the power system. The power system comprises of source, sink, and transmissionlines that works and forms the reactive power. The fundamental truth of the shuntreactor is that the voltage also increases or decreases with the reactive power. Theshunt reactor has been installed at a considerable high voltage bus of the powersystem. It has allowed the improvement of the voltage stability of the bus. Thestability is achieved with the help of absorbing the reactive power beyond thepermissible limits. The resulting impact is that the voltage of the bus can maintainthe bus within the acceptable range.Chief EngineerMaintenanceDivisionControl & ProtectionUnit(C&PU)GeneratorMainteannceUnit(GMU)TurbineMaintenanceUnit(TMU)OperationDivisionCivil DisionHumanResource andAdministration DvisionFinanceDivisionTechnical SupportUnit(TSU)
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