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Project ManagementInstitutional AffiliationNameDateIntroduction
Successful management of a project usually involves a series of stages andprocesses that are carried out by the project team (Heagney, 2011). This reportexplores the tasks required in the expansion of J.F Kennedy International Airportproject.Setting up the projectThis was the first task for the project and involved measuring the value andfeasibility of the project. Detailed costs and benefits for the proposed project werecarried out at this stage to determine if the project was the most viable solution forthe congestion challenges facing the Airport. This also involved carrying out afeasibility study where each of the possible solutions to the Airport’s problem wasdocumented. Project charter was then established outlining the scope, objectives,and vision of the project and the involved stakeholders together with their roles andresponsibilities (Heagney, 2011). It also involved the appointment of the projectteam and the setting up of a project office for the team. Feasibility study andbusiness case document were the tools used.Managing scheduleA project’s schedule specifies activities, milestones, and activities for a project aswell as the start and finish dates. After initiation of the project, comprehensivebreakdown of all the activities involved in the project was carried out. This was thenfollowed by the assignment of various tasks involved in the project team members.The criteria for the successful completion of each project task was carried out underthis phase together with a comprehensive risk assessment, definition of the workingprocess and an explanation of reporting frequency and channels. Under this stage
also options for obtaining resources, procuring all the necessary materials andacquisition of finances for the project were explained. Schedule management wascarried out to ensure completion of the project in its desired quality within time andbudget (Harned,2017).Managing financesA project budget refers to the necessary total amount of finances for the successfulcompletion of a project within a particular period. It is dependent on the scope andtimeframe of a project, Finances for the project were managed throughidentification and definition of all the costs that would be required for the projectincluding administration costs, labor costs material and equipment costs. Financeswere also managed by putting place a schedule explaining the cost that would beincurred in each stage of the project. Project Requirements, Expectations, anddeliverables were identified accurately, confirmed with stakeholders anddocumented to facilitate the adoption of the correct financial estimates for theproject. Key performance indicators were used to keep the project budget in check(Kloppenborg,2015).Managing benefitsProject benefits are the anticipated positive outcomes of a project. They are thereasons for the initiation of a project. For this project, the benefits weredecongesting the Airport and improving service delivery to clients. Project benefitswere managed by starting the project earlier within the dates that were specified inthe project plan to ensure that the outcome was as per the plan. This was thenfollowed by the establishment of project objectives to facilitate the realization of the
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