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RUNNING HEADER: HOW TO DOCUMENT AN IT PROJECTNameCourseInstructorDateIT Project Documentation
HOW TO DOCUMENT AN IT PROJECTIntroductionThe definition of a context when it comes to project documentation means thecircumstances that form the setting for a project idea in terms which it can be understood.Expounding further the term minimal context simply implies that any project documentationdone specifically in our case to IT Related topics should be easily understood and it shouldrevolve around the project. To achieve minimal context any project documentation done shouldbe brief and concise and It should revolve and or strictly adhere to the project basis.IT projects are diverse in nature;however, all projects need documentation. The first stepof course would be choosing a project which sparks interest,and which can be completed withinthe time allocated and within the budget if it exists(Rumbaugh, J., & Booch, G. (1999)). Afterchoosing a project and choosing to document it, it is important to consider the following;1.Project vision statement; this will set the direction of the project by setting theaccomplishment the project will make.2.The project charter; the project charter basically defines the scope of the entireproject in a summarized format and provides the much-needed justification for deciding toundertake the project in the first place.3.Requirements Specification; This will include the functional and non-functionalrequirements of the project4.Project Management plan: this involves the process of doing the actual planningwhere the person undertaking the project defines the expected outcomes while also defining acourse of action to achieve these outcomes. A project management plan should be updatedconstantly to ensure change in conditions is recorded.5.Release Plan: This is a schedule that should be maintained for the entire durationof the project (Jacobson&Booch G 1999). This particularly specifies the timing of specificmodule completions of the project while also estimating an actual point of release of the finalproduct while also marking the completion of the project for instance in a software developmentproject (Bot, 2018),After identifying and documenting the above key aspects of the project,it’s important tonote that IT project documentation basically includes four stages;1.The process documentation2.The project documentation3.The system documentation4.The user documentationThe process documentationThese four stages are important to follow for example when developing a software. Theprocess documentation basically entails the analysis, tools and design used while developing thesoftware. If let’s say one is developing a social media application he or she may include suchdetails as the language of coding used, the operating system platform used among other thingswhich relate directly to the process of development (Kronseder & GmbH, 2018).The process documentation encompasses a lot of the key things outlined as key featuresin project documentation. For one the process documentation will require the softwaredevelopment team or individual to develop a requirements template. A release plan will also be
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