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Managing projectsassessment questions
Table of Contents
INTRODUCTIONProject is a planned set of interrelated tasks which needs to be executed and completedover a fixed time period. It is a effective method by which scope, vision and the work effort ofthe individuals is specified so that project work can be finished at an appropriate specified time.This project is based on the case study of the large UK food and drinks retailer PLC, which has astrong brand image and therefore had a well established history of undertaking successfulmergers and acquisitions (Aarseth, Rolstadås and Andersen, 2014). This project will focus on thekey characteristics of the project as well as the role of work break down structure. It alsoevaluates the quality methods needed to ensure that project is completed successfully. In additionto this it outlines the activities required to manage the project in an effective manner.TASK 11) a)Project is defined as a series of task that ensures that task would be completed so as toachieve the desired results. Key characteristics of the project includes-Project is a single definable purpose which clearly specifies cost, resources and timeintervals.Every project is unique and is one time activity for completing the specific project work.It is a planned and a managed activity which assist the individuals to work as per theframed strategies so as to attain the goals and objectives.b)Project Initiation document is one of the important attributes in project managementwhich collects the information that is obtained from the starting of the project I.e. it includesbasic information of the project such as scope, cost, quality, resources and collaboration.Purpose of Project Initiation document is to collect and record the basic information which isneeded to define the project activities in a proper manner. Moreover it also provides foundationto the project regarding what will be delivered in project and at what time(Bosch-Sijtsema andHenriksson, 2014).
2) aIt is mandatory that whether the project is small, easy or complex it will definitelyinclude a project scope statement. Project scope statement is created before the project work isexecuted. Therefore scope statement of the project includes a number of things such asexplaining the scope for the business while undertaking the project as well as determines thedeliverables i.e. what are the products, services that your project will offer towards completion ofits project (vom Brocke and Lippe, 2015).b.Work Break down structure in project management states that it is a key deliverable thatdivides the whole project into smaller components and therefore manages the team work intomanageable sections. It helps the employees to complete the work within the specific timeframe. In addition to this role of Work break down structure is to organise the project work intosmaller components and thus leads towards completing the project in a proper manner. Its basicrole is to reduce complicated activities so that it can be easily performed within the clearlydefined limits (Caputo and, 2013).3)Gantt chart is a horizontal bar graph chart that illustrates a project schedule. It clearlydefines specific project activities needs to be accomplished within the specific time frame.Therefore in order to complete the specific project, 35 weeks of time is required so that projectcan be completed within the proper span of time.Critical path method is a proper network analysis technique which is concerned withproper planning and controlling of complex activities so as to manage the routine projectactivities in a proper manner. Hence it is the proper method which defines the proper critical andnon critical task that should be completed within the specific time frame.4)In order to conduct business activities in a efficient manner, proper budgeting is requiredso that all the activities within the project can be managed and completed in a efficient manner.Their are two approaches for generating a proper budget which is described as follows-Top Down Budgeting- This approach helps to create budget by analysing the pastperformance of the company by taking into account profit and loss statement. This helps
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