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Answer# 1: Project Objectives and PrioritiesThe Sky Rock Roller Coaster was implemented seven years ago by Wagon Pty, which is completely defunct now. It is considered one of the main attraction points of the public. The main objective of the SWL behind reinforcement of the Rock Roller Coaster was to rectify the problems as per the safety requirement of the SRB’s. It is imperative for SWL to solve the problem completely to ensure the public that is safe for enjoyment. This project is called the Roller Coaster Safety project. The priorities of the Project were to start the project from September 1, 2016 and should finish before the deadline for the roller coaster which was prescribed by SRB. This will help SWL to maintain its reputation in the eyes of the public. The organization was successful in meeting these objectives. The project completed on December 28 due to certain issues.Answer #2: Schedule Changes and Contributing EventsYes, there were changes in the schedule of the project. The project which should be finished on 22 December finished on 28 December. The contributing events behind the schedule changes are:-Work burden: In this project, due to the deadline of the project, project members felt pressurized. Pressure can be the reason due to which the quality of the project will be reduced. But the management of the project didn't want to compromise on the quality of the project. Labeling was done by the management to minimize the burden of the employees. Due to this, project deadline was crossed, and schedule of the whole project changed.Extra days: One task (upgrade motor) of the project consumed more days then the days prescribed by the management for the task. Due to this, schedule of all the project works which should be performed after completing that task was changed. Through this, the schedule of the project also changes. Answer #3: Cost Overrun and ContributorsThe cost of the project was overrun than the prescribed level of the budget.. Contributors for the cost overrun are following:Motor cost: Due to the appreciation of the Japanese Yen, the cost of the motor was increased by $4000.Entrance to the worksite: The entrance to the work site was found by the management of the project too small. The management made provision for $4000 for enlargement of the entrance.

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