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Project Part 3 (Analyze).

Added on -2019-09-21

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Project Part 3 (Analyze)
1. Fishbone Diagram for the current situation is given in the image below:The diagram led to the understanding that there were some key issues that were leading to thelack of selection of green option by the customers visiting in the hotel. It was identified that customers used to find wet towel and in most of the cases, they rarely found any card that could be placed the bed. The lack of card despite having the knowledge about the process does not allow customers to use this facility. Another issue was the lack of knowledge about the selection of green option. This might have resulted from the staffs forgetting to share or ignorance of customers in knowing about the things on offer. Moreover, delayed assistance from the staff members might be one of the reasons for not picking the facility. 2. Pareto Charts from the given data is shown in the following sub-sections.i) Housekeeping Survey

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