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Principles and ElementsThe main aim of the project is to understand the principles and elements of design asapplied in photography. Principles and elements of design are of great significance in taking andmanipulating or editing of photos. This is because, they ensure the pictures taken are attractiveand convincing to the eye in whichever way they would be used. Understanding the concept ofthis project is important as it would help one in choosing the right pictures to use in a designproject or help a person in taking professional photos.In this project, 6 principles and 6 elements of design were expressed using the pictures.The six principles of design described were; emphasis, balance, unity, contrast, movement andrepetition/pattern. On the other hand, the elements of design described were; line, shape, form,value, texture and color. Using a camera, a number of pictures of the surroundings were takenwith the aim of using them in this project. After this, the pictures were transferred to a computerwhereby some editing and tweaking was carried out using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. Thepictures were later saved as PNG files with a common measurement of 21cm by 21cm. Once thiswas done, the pictures were then transferred or imported to Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 wherethey were used to create booklet. The booklet was then saved as a PDF file and thereafterprinted.As it can be observed in the booklet, the project was a success since the pictures explainsin details the above named principles and elements of design. The first picture or rather the firstpage which comes immediately after the front page shows image of the clouds which in this caserepresents shape as an element of design. Upon checking the image, anybody will first recognizethe shape in which the image is bound which is a square. One can also clearly see that the picturehas a blue as well as a white region. These two regions make irregular shapes within the squareand the shapes are clearly observed due to their differences in colors. This pictures has manyshapes, some big and others that are very small.The second pictures in the second page shows trees, some other small plants and cloudsin the background. This picture was used to represent or show value as a design element. Fromthis pictures, there can be seen that the value of black and white colors changes from one point toanother. In some parts, the color between these two which is grey can be seen. There is a clear
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