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Project proposalModule Learning Outcomes assessed in this piece of courseworkThis assessment is designed to assess your ability in the following module learningoutcomes:Plan, manage and control a substantial project including its critical appraisalInvestigate, analyse and define the problem either for a client or to support theirown implementation, as appropriateDemonstrate competence in the production of supporting documentation for theworkYou should develop a Project Proposal to define the project's scope, considerrelevant objectives, propose how access to the necessary technologies will begained, identify required resources, estimate the risks and constraints, list expecteddeliverables and milestones, etc.The Project Proposal should be 1500-3000 words in length. It comprises:AbstractIntroduction and Background – what stakeholders and topics are concerned? Whatproblem will you address? Why is the project important? What are the benefits tothe stakeholders? How does it relate to previous work and existing knowledge?Aims and Objectives - What will the project deliver? Are there intermediate orenabling deliverables?Technologies and Resources - list the major resources required. What technologiesare you going to use? Where will your data come from?Method and Workplan –How will you use the technologies and resources to achieveyour aims? Show the major phases of the project, milestones and deliverables.Consider major contingencies. Generate a schedule using a Gantt chart or similarform.Discussion regarding legal, ethical, societal and security issues relating to theproject, as well as the need for ethical approval.
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