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Running Head: PROJECT REPORT1Project Report
Project Report21.Identifying the IssueIn the present internet era, the customer service is of utmost importance as it can directly affectthe sales of the organization. The customer service is also liked with different components suchas product innovation and pricing. It is also directly linked with the organization’s ability togenerate profits. Through customer service, the organization change the perception of thecustomer’s through word of mouth. It is important to manage the experience of the customer’s inall their interactions and track them to maintain a healthy relationship. It is important for thebusiness organizations to build strong positive customer experience, which can only be achievedby involving strategy, integrating technology, developing business models and managing brands(Arif, Gupta & Williams, 2013).The management of the customer experience requires discipline, methodology and integration ofdifferent processes for the cross-cultural exposure, interaction, and transaction of the company,product, brand, and service. The customer experience requires designing, delivering, anddevelopment of strategies, which can effectively deliver excellent customer experience. The aimof managing the customer experience is ensuring high quality customer experience which canincrease the loyalty of the customers (Arif, Gupta & Williams, 2013). The current customers canadvocate the use of potential customers with the help of word of mouth marketing.In the service –oriented industry, customer satisfaction is of prime importance. The civil aviationindustry is also a service-oriented industry as there is high importance of customer service inaviation industry. The service quality increases the customer satisfaction which can buildcustomer loyalty. A comprehensive customer satisfaction can result when each member oforganization has an overall understanding of different customer needs and requirements. Thecustomer service is an important aspect of the needs and requirements of the customer and
Project Report3impacts the overall profits and the sales of the organization. The airports or aviation provide highimportance to the improvement of the service quality. In aviation industry, the services have tofocus to reduce the travel time and increase the leisure time in different areas of customerservice. The customer satisfaction is a cyclic process which can increase or decrease with time.Therefore, it is important that the organization provide comprehensive services (Arif, Gupta &Williams, 2013). There are two fundamental forces which can increase the profits in the aviationindustry, which are: safety and customer service.Background to the CaseThere are several aspects such as handling the customer complaints and customer safety canattract the customer the customers towards thee airlines. There are several areas such as customerpriority, performance parameters, performance standard, and service opportunities whichevaluates the services provided to the customers (Gupta, Arif, & Williams, 2013). However,there are several instances, in which the organization fails to provide proper customer service tothe customers. United express, a United Airlines branch treated one of the customers in a badmanner. The airport police forcible removed one of the passenger after he refused to leave theairplane voluntarily. The passenger has paid for the ticket and was allocated a seat; however, stillhe was removed from the seat. There was a huge controversy related to the treatment of thepassenger. He was a doctor and stated that the needed to see some patients urgently. Before theconfrontation, the airline manager offered the customers travel vouchers to voluntarily leave theflight. However, no passenger accepted.Later, four passengers were selected to vacate the seat for the four airline employees from thecomputer algorithm on a random basis. The three of the employees accepted the announcement;however, the fourth passenger did not move from his place. The management called the airplane
Project Report4police, who forced the passenger to leave. The fourth volunteer, a 69 year old doctor, David Daowas forced to leave, he was pushed and pulled; as a result, he suffered from various injuries tohis heads and mouth. The crew members misbehaved with the passenger. The event wascondemned by the media professionals; however, the response of the owner of the website wasvery casual. There has been discussion that the passenger has been under attack because of hisVietnamese Chinese ethnicity. It has been the most trending topic on the Chinese micro-bloggingWeibo. It damaged the reputation of the company and a large number of people avoidedtravelling on the airlines. It reduced the profitability of the organization. In this regard, theresearch question for the present report can be developed as:Is there any impact of customer service on the customer satisfaction and loyalty?Does the customer satisfaction of the organization impacts its overall profitability?Is there any cultural or ethnic bias in the services and offers provided to differentcustomers?2.Description of Data Collection MethodsIn the present case of United Airlines, the role of ethnic and cultural differences in the servicesoffered to different customers has been examined. Moreover, the importance of the customerservices in the development of customer loyalty and the overall profits of the organization hasbeen examined. The interview method has been adopted to answer the questions of the presentresearch study. Interview is one of the most popular research method which is used in answeringthe research questions in several different domains (Miles & Gilbert, 2005). The present researchexplores the correlation between customer satisfaction and its overall profitability. Therefore, itis an exploratory research. The interview is a popular method which is used to explore some newinformation related to the research questions. It is a qualitative research method in which the
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