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Part A1.Briefly describe the concept of status.Status is defined as the position and set of roles ascribed to the person right when he is born. Theseset of roles and position are set in the society and the person represents himself through these sets ofroles and responsibilities incurred upon him.Status is literally defined as the position of an Individual with respect to others and society as a whole.It’s also defined as state of affairs and relative responsibilities the person executes in the societyas well as commands in the society.For e.g. Status as a studentRoles: Classroom: Attends class, takes notes, takes homework, studies and prepares for exams and sitsfor competitive exams.For e.g. Status as an EmployeeCustomer service representative: Answers customer’s calls, resolves issues, settles disputes, andsatisfies customers or clients (Dushi, G., 2017).2.Describe the global implications that status has for an international manager inWestern culture, with two (2) original examples.Status has big roles irrespective of the culture we leave in. Mainly in western culturesimportance is given to money and handling responsibilities of job and family. Western cultureemphasize on work life balance. Most of the western cultures have authoritative leadership roles in thecompanies and societies. Vigorous reporting systems are followed in western culture and centralizedauthority governs the functioning of whole system. More emphasis is on productivity with strict rulesand regulations.
The way of working of western culture is very different from that of the other world. Themanagement policies and strategic decisions work via flow from top to bottom.An international manager has to adjust with the rules and regulations of the western culture. Moreproductivity is demanded and even responsibilities are put forward to implement and execute the topmanagements directions and decisions. The way of working of international manager is different inwestern culture as compared to the other parts of the world. A go getter and person who could achieveas per the instructions are most admired in the western culture. Upjohn pharmaceutical company andPharmacia AB of Sweden are two examples of western culture working. There is sharp differencebetween the work cultures of these two companies. The American company at one hand believes inreport delivering at periodic intervals where as Sweden culture is bit lenient on that front. US believe insmoking ban in office premises whereas Sweden culture allows smoking during free time within officepremises. Due to clashes between working cultures of both these western cultures significant losseswere registered by the merged company (Jariya, AMI, 2012).3.Describe the global implications that status has for an international manager inEastern culture, with two (2) original examplesEastern cultures are way different in terms of working and role of status as compared to that ofwestern cultures. Eastern cultures are more related to stigma and rituals which has its impact over thework culture within the borders of eastern countries. Work life balance is not regarded as that much ofimportance that what money and level or position a person holds in the society. The culture respects thehigh status as compared to the low status individual. Degree of respect and degree of expectations relieson the work position the person holds in the eastern cultures. There is stigma associated and moreimportance to politics is given in the eastern culture. Work efficiency is lower than that compared to thewestern cultures. In eastern cultures respect is earned by the money and not by the status in theeastern cultures. But, due to globalization and opening up of borders to the international organizations,
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