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Added on - Jul 2021

In this report, we discuss E-commerce Project Report for students E-commerce is growing as a result of how quickly technology is developing in the 21st century. Research is being done on the worldwide trend of online purchasing, which involves a variety of shopping apps. The online transaction processing system created by IBM in the 1960s was one of the first methods of conducting business online. Online shopping is the practise of making purchases of goods through an electronic medium in which the buyer and vendor are connected by the internet.

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Submitted To:
Mr. Kumar Lohola
Nepal Commerce Campus
Submitted By:
Sapana Gurung
Kripa Sunuwar
Prasiddhi Budathoki
Prakriti Gimire

This study has been carried out and the report is presented on topic
“Smartdoko”.One of the leading organization in online shopping market of Nepal.
Study were conducted to find out the system and procedures to conduct
ecommerce sites.There were many helping-hands to be found for the completion
of successful field research. We would like to acknowledge Director and Nepal
Commerce Campus family and also our respected teacher Mr. Kumar Lohola sir
for giving us such a valuable opportunity to use the theoretical knowledge in the
particular field in the course of our study.
We also express our gratitude to the staff of smartdoko for helping us staff were
good co-operation where the study was conducted.
We would also like to thank our valued teachers and colleagues and all other
helping hands who were directly or indirectly involved to our study. And, finally
we would like to dedicate this study report to our parents, who is an inspiration in
our personal life.
Group p7
Chapter I Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Introduction to websites
1.3 Objectives of the websites
1.4 Limitations of the study
Chapter II Methodology

2.1 Sources of data
2.2 Process of buying goods
2.3 Modes of payments

Chapter IVConclusion and Recommendation
4.2 Recommendation
Annex 1: Questionnaire
Annex 2: Photographs
1.1 Background
With the speed of technological advancement in 21stcentury, there is development
of ecommerce. The research is conducted about the online shopping trend which is
spreading throughout the world using various shopping applications. One of the
earliest form of trade conducted online was IBMs online transaction processing
developed in the 1960s.
online shopping is the process of purchasing products by using electronic medium
where customer is connected to seller via internet .for instance smartdoko is an
online shopping destination in Nepal offering wide range of products where the
customer can purchase the product in a click rather than reaching to the shopkeeper
. smartdoko has been operating since two years.smartdoko discourage order via
social medias instead it ask for sign up to keep record of product order.the main
target of smartdoko is to provide digital supermarket in Nepal.
1.2Introduction to website
SmartDokois an online shopping Destination in Nepal offering a wide range
of products whereby the customers can enjoy a hassle-free purchase of products
which is now just a click away from reaching to their doorsteps. Smartdoko has
over 18 product categories,including numerous sub-categories where customers
can easily shop products ranging from mobilephones,electronics,fashion
items,food&beverages and many more.

In brief, you learn E-commerce Project Report for students Technology has made  significant progress over the years to provide consumers a better  online shopping experience and will continue to do so for years to come. With the rapid growth of products and brands, people have speculated that online shopping will overtake in store shopping.

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