Paper on Employee Motivation and Productivity

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Project Synopsis Form(Max. 2 sides)Researcher Name:1- Project PlanProposed project title: Employee motivation and productivityPurpose of researchThe main purpose of this paper is to find out the relationship between employeemotivation and productivity within an organization. It is stated that motivation is one kind offorce that helps in energizing people in order to achieve proper goals as well as objectives ofthe organization. It is argued that unless the workers of the organization are motivated formaking proper use of their potentials they are not able to achieve proper performance andas a result the productivity of the organization get affected. In order to motivate theemployees, it is quite important to meet the needs as well as demands of the employees.Thus, it is identified that satisfaction of the employees generally helps in representing one ofthe indispensable dimension for the entire motivational processes which further helps inenhancing the productivity of the organization.The project will be helpful in finding out the relationship between motivation as wellas productivity of the organization for reflecting the importance of motivation within anorganization. The project also elaborates techniques as well as ways that are quite helpfulfor the organizations to motivate its employees for enhancing the productivity.Specific objectivesThe objectives of the project are as follows:To identify factors that helps in motivating employeesTo examine the relationship that exists between productivity and motivationTo recommend techniques as well as ways that help organizations to motivate itsemployeesProposed methodsThe data for the project is collected through primary data collection method. In orderto collect data proper questionnaire survey is conducted that helps in reflecting thesignificance of motivation within an organization for enhancing productivity. In addition tothis, it is identified that various governmental statistics as well as company reports are alsoutilized for getting accurate information on employee motivation and productivity.Key secondary sources: The project also utilizes number of key secondary sources thatinclude:Dar, A.T., Bashir, M., Ghazanfar, F. and Abrar, M., 2014. Mediating role of employeemotivation in relationship to post-selection HRM practices and organizationalperformance.International Review of Management and Marketing,4(3), p.224.Dobre, O.I., 2013. Employee motivation and organizational performance.Review ofApplied Socio-Economic Research,5(1), pp.53-60.Jayaweera, T., 2015. Impact of work environmental factors on job performance,mediating role of work motivation: A study of hotel sector in England.Internationaljournal of business and management,10(3), p.271.Muogbo, U.S., 2013. The impact of employee motivation on organisationalperformance (a study of some selected firms in anambra state nigeria).Theinternational journal of engineering and science,2(7), pp.70-80.
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