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Assignment on Telehealth Project PDF

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Added on  2021-12-27

Assignment on Telehealth Project PDF

   Added on 2021-12-27

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Project vision document: “Telehealth Project”
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Assignment on Telehealth Project PDF_1
Project vision document: “Telehealth Project”
The aim of this project is to introduce an improved access rate to provide quality
healthcare services to the public hospitals located in rural areas. Due to lack of appreciable
communication technologies and logistics the healthcare professionals and physicians are getting
separated from the patients living in those locations. Telehealth project is focused to overcome
the highlighted issues by resolving the barriers that are currently experiencing by both the
patients and health professionals. The approach of patient diagnosis will become much easier and
efficient than the traditional or convenient healthcare approach. The objective of utilizing the
telehealth system will also drive the patient care towards sustainable and long terms success. Not
only this but also in order to build telehealth projects linked along with urgent basis care centers
throughout the rural region along with the emergency department at the nearest hospitals with the
help of videoconferencing.
Project deliverables and outcomes
The deliverable of the “Telehealth Project” is to deliver integrated healthcare services to
the patients belongs to rural locations. The process driven health care approach will provide a
real time, convenient as well as cost effective alternative professional services (Gillis, 2015). The
distance related issues will be completely resolved as soon as the project will introduce an
information and communication technology to their service.
Assignment on Telehealth Project PDF_2
As per the implemented integrated patient care system some of the highlighted issues
will be resolved and some of them will be minimized (Santos et al., 2016). It is expected that, the
currently experienced issues by the consumer and physicians in terms of time, cost, distance that
may prevent the delivery time, education support and healthcare services will overcome with the
implementation of this telehealth system. This alternative system can control the patient’s health
by retrieving the data stored in the data centre. Apart from this, the problems, benefits and
capabilities of the Telehealth project are also demonstrated in this project vision document.
For the Telehealth project one problem which has been highlighted is cost. Due to
needful economical and commercial support some regulation or license are restricted
(Mbemba et al., 2016). As a result the multistate system will fail to deliver all multistate
healthcare prcatices
As the system is completely based on information and communication technology
therefore, some of the applications of telemedicine are not working accurately in the rural
Telemedicine of telehealth is all about technology based service to resolve the distance
issue but multiple number of technology implementation will create high level data flow
challenge (Penna et al., 2015).
Apart from this, some of the telehealth applications are showing great progress rate but
the areas that lack large study or other than that needs further synthesis is facing serious
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