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Proper Relationship Between the Customers and the Designer

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Added on  2020-02-19

Proper Relationship Between the Customers and the Designer

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Running head: SYSTEMS DESIGNSystems DesignName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
Proper Relationship Between the Customers and the Designer_1
1SYSTEMS DESIGN1. Key conceptsThe system requirements are very important for developing a special network in theconcerned areas. The systems have to be designed so that the entire work can be processedproperly with the desired outcomes in mind (Katina, Keating & Ra’ed, 2014). The correctspecifications have to be built and to do that it is of utmost importance to develop accuratesystem requirements. Many steps have to be taken in order to build proper system requirements.Though, it is very difficult for the concerned people to behave, they have to design propersystems. It is also very crucial to build a proper relationship between the customers and thedesigner of the systems. There can be no reason of establishing the special perfect specificationsif the customers and the designers do not agree on the point of requirements (Katina, Keating &Ra’ed, 2014).The problems are raised from the facts that the requirement statements have ambiguitiesin themselves. The ambiguity in the requirements can be caused by the miscommunicationbetween the system designers and the people who are on the end users (Valacich, George &Hoffer, 2015). An example can be provided in this context that some people want to travel toNew York to Los Angeles and they have asked for the probable modes of transportation. Theways can be suggested that they could go by bus, train or airplane. They have not probably askedabout their desire that they want to travel very fast. They could avail trains or buses at the firstplace. However, if they had informed that they want to travel faster, the choice of airplane couldbe suggested. This is called the miscommunication between the customers and the designers(Maiden, 2013).
Proper Relationship Between the Customers and the Designer_2
2SYSTEMS DESIGNAnother way of getting the correct requirements is explore the facts in the systemprocesses. The customers have to provide the good ideas because it is one of the bases to makegood requirements for the systems to be designed. A noteworthy problem that can arise in thisscenario is the conflicts. Conflicts can definitely occur from personality clashes and facilitatorsmust be present to recon ciliate the distances being created (Valacich, George & Hoffer, 2015).The role of establishing the functions, attributes, constraints, preferences and expectations fromthe product should be made specifically to obtain the correct requirements. Then only thesystems for production can be properly addressed (Valacich, George & Hoffer, 2015). Sometesting methods are involved in this matter and they are:-Ambiguity pollTechnical reviewUser satisfaction testBlack box test casesExisting products
Proper Relationship Between the Customers and the Designer_3
3SYSTEMS DESIGNThe types of the stakeholders who can be included in this section are the customers or endusers and the system designers. The system designers are the internal stakeholders and thecustomers can be included in they are the external stakeholders.2. Approaches in developing the information systemsThe primary purpose of developing the new information system is to meet therequirements of the different organizational needs. Both the traditional approach and object-oriented approach can be used because of that (Romney & Steinbart, 2012). Four systems havebeen identified that can be used in the information systems and these are Transaction ProcessingSystems, Management Information Systems, Decision Support systems and Expert Systems. Thestructured analysis is a very common and traditional approach in the information systems and ithas been used in determining the process-centered things (Romney & Steinbart, 2012). Thesewill lead the information systems to transform the data into for the useful information. Thebusiness methodologies are made to look at the process-centered, data-centered and object-oriented approaches to the information systems.In the traditional approach of the information systems, the business case has to beanalyzed by its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then the constraints in theproject have to be identified and the scope for the project has to be developed. The requirementof the modeling involves the various fact-findings and this describes the current system in anorganization. The traditional approach in the information systems shows the fact that logicalmodels are developed in data and process-modeling (Krogstie, 2012). This helps to show whatthe current system is doing and recommends what it must do. The Data Flow diagram is onething that helps to create the information system in aright manner. The system requirements are
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