The Purpose of the Development of the Mobile Application

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The purpose is to develop a mobile game for android and iOS. The mobile application to be developed will be targeted to the young generations who spend most of their time on their phones. The purpose of the development of the mobile application will be to engage the usersto towards the processes that take place in aid activities. The game will have a near to real lifesimulation consisting of various stages and activities. These activities will resonate to the reallife aid activities such as collecting funds, purchasing resources, providing aid the needed locations, ranking up among the players based on the most aid work provided to the community. The players will be provided fix amount of funds at the beginning and later they will be procuring funds from other users. Moreover, the points earned through the simulated aid work can be used to convert into further funds. This will be an online simulation game where the users will be active to conduct the aid activities. The aid simulation will also contain fund procurement from virtual private companies and government of different countries. These will be given to them based on their aid work so far in the game. The increase in the level through the aid work will help them get more funds from communities around the world, government, and private companies. Moreover, the whole world map will be there in the game and it will show the locations that are poor in economic level with the various economic and health conditions. There will be data showing the situation of each location. There will be actual data of what is happening in the real world. This mobile application will have various levels with different difficulty levels. The points will be given based on the variables that are chosen by the players in selecting the location. If the user selects the right location based on the various numbers available in the application, then the user will get better points in comparison to other users.

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