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Proposal TemplateProject Title: AGING IN PLACE
1.PurposeThe purpose of this proposal is to assist in mitigation measures for health issuesuch as aging in place in theAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community people livingin the Northern Queensland. Aging in place is refereed as the residential accommodationthat is provided for assistance and support in terms of care needs and meeting therequirements to maintain environment. The major outline is to preserve the dignity, self respect and independence through which the aging population ofthis community peoplealways lived by(Jones,Jacklin & O'Connell, 2017). Herein the factors that has an impacton the rural and remote nursing practices under theNorthern Queensland Primary HealthNetwork (NQPHN). This framework is focusing on the improvements of the access to thehealth and social care services to elderly care in the North Queensland region.However, the nursing interventions are vital in laying the foundation of any primaryhealthcare services, especially in the elderly care. Their support and assistance isimperative to bring concrete changes at the initiation stage. The 'aging in place' worksunder a continuous need of people who would be capable and competent to help the olderpeople in the roles of managerial, supportive, restorative and more. Thus, the purpose is tounderpin few suggestions to mitigate the technological incapacities that are associatedwith the aging populace of theAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community (Han &Kim, 2017). It emphasises to adhere the policies and programs with strict compliance tomaintain the environment in positive and constructive order.(a)BackgroundThis topic is relevant due to several existing challenges such as lack of awarenessin terms of usage of technologies and mobility in surroundings, no sense of responsibilityin providing proper assistance from the involved professionals to people who in need ofspecial care or support and stereotyping and stigmatised concepts. These has influencedthe need of generating solutions to establish an integrated framework that focuses on theuse of smart homes for the aging populace in the Northern Queensland region. Moreover,its relevancy is more prominent due to the onset of cognitive health problems whichtriggered the dependency on some help or professional presence for performing simplerdaily chores like bathing, eating etc. Furthermore, there are studies that has demonstratedthe need for proper accommodation services that safeguard the integrity of older peopleand give them a platform to live on similar manner as they lived at their residences (Crisp& Taket, 2017). Agism is a complicated process which leads to variations in the severitiesand leads to discrimination, especially in remote areas of the Northern QLS. There aresignificant demonstrations that shed light to impart education and give training at bothprofessional and personal levels to maintain the societal norms and behavioural patternsin profound manner.
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