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Proposed game. Objective of the game:. The objective of

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Added on  2019-09-20

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Proposed gameObjective of the game:The objective of the game is simple, its to get a rod from point A to point B without it touching the side. At the start there will be a screen where you will need to input your details to sign up. Once signed up you will get to chose the game difficulty, (you can only pick from easy medium and hard).When you have chosen your difficulty you will be taken to the next page where the “game” actually starts, you will see your maze (dependant on the difficulty you have chosen) and a stop watch on the top right hand side of the screen.You will also see a rod, the game and stopwatch begin once you pick the rod up, you will then need to take the rod to the finish line as quick as possible, every time you hit the edge the timer will jump 5 seconds. The game will end once you have reach point b/end point.You will be then shown your time and the leader board (each level will have its own leader board) and will have an option to click two buttons one is “play again” and the other “end” the end button will take you back to the beginning.Screen 1:On this screen you will have to input your details to sign up, you will have to add in your name and email, once all the fields are completed you will be able to press the finish button at the bottom.
Proposed game. Objective of the game:. The objective of_1

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