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Product Line Assignment - CH brand

Added on -2020-11-23

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Proposed product line-CH brand introduce their new collection for pregnant womenaccordant to their comfort zone and satisfaction levels. Theyalso designed shoes for that women's which is very comfortablefor them. Clothes for women are specially design regarding totheir preferences and brand choose natural fibres which doesnot make them uncomfortable. Most of the women's like towear loose clothes and scoop neck T-shirt. Brand considers ontheir packaging stages in which they have to concentrate themost. Products packaging should be accomplished by usinggood quality packaging materials. Brands are using eco-friendly material that helps during the process of trading.Caroline Herrera offer products to pregnant women's whichhave unique selling point like they provide clothes withinaffordable prices that retain customers with them for longertime. It is important that brand need to build their relationshipwith its customer that is important for business growth andsuccess and presence of brand in marketplace.Current marketing communication strategy-Carolina Herrera brand using social media platformwhich is one the best communication marketingstrategy. They are using this strategy for introducingtheir new collection for pregnant women in marketplace. Within these methods they will easilycommunicate with people or customers how want tobuy products regarding pregnancy reasons. They attractconsumers towards their services and goods that will fitas per its expectations. Usually, it builds top of mindawareness amongst brand ideal consumers about theiroffers or products. Throughout social media sourcewomen's get aware regarding their collections andensure about its quality. POSTERPricing strategy-Brand follow premium pricing strategy in which they keepprice of service and product highly in order to encouragefavourable perceptions among customers based solely onprice. CH considers this strategy for their new collection ofclothes or shoes for pregnant women. This practice is intendedto exploit inclination for consumers to assume that expensiveproduct enjoy an exceptional reputation or representexceptional distinction and quality. Consumer experienceCaroline Herrera offer new collection for pregnant women thatbuild up its position or reputation in marketplace better thanothers. If brand include these products in their collections theywill enhance customers with them for longer time that increaseits profitability and productivity more than others. This processattracts people towards them and also help to gain new as wellthat directly maximize its growth and success. Mission, vision and current offering of Caroline HerrerabrandCarolina Herrera is Venezuelan fashion designer known forExceptional personal style, they design various dresses forthe most popular persons like Laura bush and JacquelineOnassis. CH designed clothes for women according tocurrent trend that make brand popular in fashion world.Brand vision is to expand their business at global level inwhich they want to raise its position in business worldhigher than others. They designed clothes for women andsatisfied as per their expectations towards the organization.Carolina Herrera brand offer its best quality clothes tocustomers, they want to retain them for longer time that willincrease their profitability and productivity more thanothers. Brand currently offers eye wear, men's fragrances,and sportswear etc. products to consumers which makethem happy and satisfied. Brands designed their newcollection of clothes for pregnant women according to theirpreferences and comfort.About Caroline-Carolina was born in aristocratic high society family,her ancestors belongs to 16th century. She got marriedwith Marquesan consort de torre casa reinaldo Herrera.Her friend inspire them and give their suggestion aboutcreating their own clothing collections.REFERENCESCalvo Porral, C. and Lang, M.F., 2015. Private labels: Therole of manufacturer identification, brand loyalty andimage on purchase intention.British FoodJournal.117(2). pp.506-522.Zhang, Z. and, 2016. Duopoly pricing strategy forinformation products with premium service: Freeproduct or bundling?.Journal of ManagementInformation Systems.33(1). pp.260-295.

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