ProSoccerData (PSD) System

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ProSoccerData (PSD) System

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Volume 2; Issue 2USAGE OF PROSOCCERDATA SYSTEM IN SOCCER LIONS CLUBThe world seems to embrace technology and soccer clubs are never left behind by this advancement. Soccer Lions is an outstanding football development academy, which aspires to tap into the soccer talents in the community. Players, trainers, and parents need the best communication tools to reach the stakeholders and address their expectations. The football development academy has introduced ProSoccerData (PSD) system to communicate and update its stakeholders regarding the operations.Why use the PSD programFunctionalitiesTo this club, PSD remains the primary tool of communication for trainers, players, and parents. To us, theplanning and mailing functionalities guarantee us outstanding communications. It has become the common functionality for our trainers. To this effect, we at the club intends to integrate the program into the sportive reportingprocess. We expect the trainers or coaches to make game reports through it because it is consistent with the current needs of the market. We have used this software to build player profile database. Before adopting this program, the management and trainers must understand its significance and align the clubs’ objectives with the program. The trainers will use it to access reliable player data.The club must appoint at least three administrators to integrate the system thus ensure everyone understands the operational questions.The trainers should only use this program to communicate. Importantly, when the players are aware of where they can access updated information, they will have to use it consistently. The trainer should avoid using text or phone calls to communicate with players.ProSoccerData eases communication between stakeholders. The trainers can use it to achieve the sportive needs and maximize the potential of players.PSD is a platform for all players because good sports is healthy
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“Creating better players for a healthy community”-Player-focused philosophyRECOMMENDATIONThe ProSoccerData focuses on the player agenda because it provides a chat platform where trainers and teammates can chat using the PSD mobile application. This club values time as a resource and it has invested in the software to improve its management. The players and trainers have the responsibility to use the PSD mobile app to enhance communication. The club has demonstrated that this mobile app is efficient and meets the expectations and goals of the club. Everyone must install the app to get the team updates regarding training.TIME FOR SOCCERThe communication and administrative tasks between players, trainers, staff, and parents are always extensive and time-consuming. The club recognizes the significance of the PSD in facilitating communication and planning. This allows trainers to spend more time in developing players.The sport entails bid data that needs to be analyzed. The invasion games bring people together as they compete for ball possession. We make the players understand that each team in the pitch has a simultaneous goal: score goals and defend the goal. The invasion sports, soccer operates under the Australian rules. The game consists of ball trajectories and player and even logs describing the shots, passes, and tackles. With the Voronoi diagram, it is possible to calculate the data because it involves dividing the pitch into sections based on the closeness of players. With the help of the diagram, the
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