(PDF) Protecting Computer Network with Encryption

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Running Head: SECURE ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGIESSecure Encryption TechnologiesName of the StudentName of the University
1SECURE ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGIESAssessment 2: ObservationAnswer to Question 1First, after completion of the implementation of the encryption technology, some testswill be conducted. The initial tests will include checking the functions and working of theapplication. Some mock files can be used to find out whether the software is working properly.After that, the RCH requirement standards will be checked against the developed functions of theapplication (Li et al., 2018). It is to be determined whether the doctors and nurses of the hospitalare able to operate and use the benefits of the encryption application properly. In case theapplication is complex, 3-4 training sessions can be conducted to train the doctors and nursesregarding the use of the application.Answer to Question 2For the compilation of the complaints from employers, employees or patients, anotherapplication can be developed and connected to the server. The complaint forms will be generatedonline and provided to relevant users who want to submit complaints to the customer care (Dong,Guan and Chen, 2015). Whenever a user submits a complaint form in the portal, the complaintdetails will be automatically added to the database and a notification ping will be sent to thecustomer care personnel who are online. In order to protect the identities of the complaint maker,his online complaint form will be encrypted and stored in the server so that some unethical userscannot break into the system and steal the information.
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