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Protection of biodiversity (all forms, including animals and plants)Student’s Name:Course Name and Number:Instructor Name:Institutional Name:Date Submitted:
Protection of biodiversity (all forms, including animals and plants). For example, shouldwe do more to protect ocean or forest biodiversity? Certain species, like polar bears? Orcertain insects, like bees?Biodiversity ought to be the greatest complex aspect of earth and it is the mostessential as without it the future existence of humanity is impossible (Tilman et al, 2017). Forthis reason, I do support we should do more to protect ocean or forest biodiversity. Accordingto Tilman et al (2017), biodiversity comprises entirely different living organisms as well asecosystems, animals, plants, their territories along with genes, which is essential to life on ourplanet earth. Biodiversity is of great importance to us because we require it for itsirreplaceable ecosystem services, offering food, fertile soil, oxygen, medicines, clean water,shelter, safeguard from floods and storms, a steady climate as well as reformation. This paperaims to explain and present reasons why we should do more to protect particularly the oceanand forest biodiversity.Following Brockerhoff et al (2017), human activities such as deforestation have adirect cause of damage to biodiversity and extinction. It is estimated that a wide range offorest are destroyed annually because of logging, charcoal burning and various humanactivities, putting an end to the ecosystems on which various species rely on. For instance,bees depend on flowers from different plants to collect nectar for honey making, hencecutting down and clearing of forests affect their honey-making process forcing them tomigrate to other places or extinct. Tropical rainforests in particular, like the Amazon forest,keep an increased percentage of the flora and fauna recognized species, but the regionsthemselves are in deterioration because of man activities.Therefore, appropriate policies and strategies must be implemented to protect forestbiodiversity. Corporations and companies can embrace best practices and decline to utilizetimber and paper providers that support cutting down trees (Brockerhoff et al, 2017).
Similarly, keen purchasers can decline to go to firms that do and put more tension on retailersthat utilize unsustainable manufacturing strategies. Also, people can engage in landprotection through private corporations and charities. As a final point, however, governmentsmust implement more effective scientific forest protection regulations.Additionally, Sala and colleagues (2021) explain that more is required to safeguardthe ocean biodiversity because overfishing, overhunting, as well as over-harvestingprominently contribute to the killing of various species long ago, harm of biodiversity. Whatis more, other kinds of hunting and poaching for money raise the threat of extinction; thedestruction of a top predator or, a predator at the top of a food chain might lead to disastrouseffects for ecosystems. For this reason, conservation in addition to continuous awarenessregarding overexploitation, particularly overfishing and poaching is essential. Governmentsshould unreservedly impose guidelines against such activities, and people can be moremindful of what they buy and eat. Further resolutions, for example eliminating grants givento big fisheries, might also be an advantage.Moreover, protection of biodiversity must be a priority as from the burning of fossilfuels that emit hazardous chemicals into the environment as well as from time to time,exhausting ozone levels to dumping various kinds of plastics items into the sea consistently,contamination totally upsets the biological systems of the earth. Even though it may notreally cause death, pollutants do possess the potential to interrupt species' behaviours. Forinstance, acid rain that is normally brought about by the burning of fossil fuels might acidifysmaller waterways and soil, contrarily influencing the species that stays inside it by alteringreproducing and feeding behaviours.Presently, it is unfortunately biodiversity is vanishing at multiple times the typical ratebecause of man advancement. Distinct species are being wiped out by the loss of habitat anddilapidation, invasive species, pollution spread and illness, change of climate as well as the
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