Prototyping Model Assignment

Added on - 03 Mar 2021

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Prototyping ModelPrototypes mean any Software that areassigned for conducting pre- experimentover it. And after checking its durabilityand maintainance, launce it in a finalprogrammes for performing a specifictask.Advantages[1] Analysis inedequate[2] Require excessive time[3] Development of user's misunderstanding[4] Implementation costIterative Software Models[1] Spiral Method [2] Agile developmentSpiral MethodIn this method, the developers try to maintain
the balancing benefits of top down andbottom up principles. It resulted fromcombining both development and prototypemodels . It integrated in its function withwaterfall model. Spiral method is preferred inmassive, expensive and complex projects.This model is almost similar to waterfallmethod in sequences,divided by preparation,risk assessment and similarity in structure.Advantages[1] uses as symbol|model for researchprocess[2] Developer's early experiment[3] Repeated the action and launch it ascommercial finallyDisadvantages[1] Require time and cost to its finalproduction
[2] Performing a specific task for evaluationand good results[3] Designed just as a model with no usage infutureAgile DevelopmentIt develop for increasive and gradual growthwhere it can be finalized with the inter-functioning group collaboration.Advantages[1] Reducing time requirement[2] Wider space for customer's interactionand feedback[3] Satisfied Customer in the possible wayDisadvantages[1]Capableness[2] Needs user's communication andcorporation
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