The Provision of Primary Care for Infants

Added on - 10 May 2020

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DEVELOPMENTAL ASSESMENT2Why Is Developmental Assessment Essential In The Provision Of Primary Care ForInfants?Primary care is the integration of services that boost and reserve health and also preventsthe occurrence of body complications like an injury. The developmental assessment providesfirst contact care meaning than an individual is first contacted when a need arises like in theevent of an emergency (Berkovits et al., 2010). There is also the aspect of continuous care wherethe patient and the care providers create a long-term relationship to foster trust during theprovision of care. Apart from the trust, compliance can also be improved since the clients trustthe medications/treatment given by the service provider. Coordinated care will also be developedby providing information irrespective of the past problems and also to know that informationbears the needs for current care.Tools Used To Assess Specific Components of DevelopmentTools used to determine components of developments are the parental concerns basedsurveillance tools which are used in different developmental domains (Radecki et al., 2011).They include diverse standardisation sample, use of friendly manual and the parent’s evaluationof developmental status. The most recommended and accurate language development toolsinclude language development survey, cognitive-linguistic auditory milestone scale andexpressive language scale. The tools access the risk factors and check whether more assessmentis necessary for the area of concern for the infant. However, the tool for screening autism plusdevelopment delay is modified checklist for autism in infants.
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